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Testimonials from the heart about Manu Sai Malasquez's healing work

I met Manu in 2011 at a Sun Moon Dance where he was dancing and I was cooking. I had an instant trust for him and went on my first spiritual journey with him to Peru later that year. I found in Manu a shaman able to guide me safely and sacredly through rigorous preparation culminating in a ceremony at Machu Picchu on 11-11-11. At the same time he was a consummate travel guide showing me local food and culture. Since then I have had the joy and privilege to host Manu in my home on his journeys around the world to share healing, ceremony, and light. His spiritual connection is a dedicated priority in his life and he is very human in his devotion; making him accessible as a person who does not need or want to be put on a pedestal. I feel blessed to have him as a brother and am grateful for the expansion of my spirit and soul that are the gifts of knowing him.

Maggie Murphy


 I have known Manu since he was five years old. Over the years he has developed into a sincere, honorable, man. His intentions are good, he actually tries to help people. He has a conscience, and a deep caring for the earth and her people. He is part of a beautiful family of musicians and healers. my life has been enriched knowing him, seeing his unfoldment, witnessing his openness to embracing the world as it is and doing his level best to make it better. that is what i know. thank you.

Joshua Halpern

Northern California

Greetings to you all and may this email find you well and in the light.

I must first of all that i have known Manu for around fifteen years.In that time i have been pleased to know him and all of his family.I first met his father in a vision back in 1993 and subsequently in the flesh in 1996.At this the darkest hour of my life which will prove to be my light his father saved me a few days after I was to suffer trauma and be diagnosed with schizophrenia.Over the years his father's help as well as this of his family's and Manu's healing and insight into me have help me to the point where i can say that it has been a lifeline to me and i probably wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for all there help/ healing.I might have been doubtful about Manu's abilities a few times  ( sorry to say that Manu), however through times he revealed to me things about myself that even i had completely forgotten about and were true.

Also i wish to say that on the last healing he did to me he called upon virgin Mary and we had a very strong connection and to this day i can feel the effect of that healing.I only wish i could see him more often and i believe that he has great connection with his psychic/ intuition/ sai Baba which helped him to change his life around and that he has helped many people on this our sacred Mother Earth, including me, to start with. Re the attacks by this man, i do not know all the truth behind everything but i can say that Manu's is not just after money as he put it as he refused any ticket or money for all the healing's he has done for me, so there you go.

I would be happy to testify to any of that.


Yours truly,

            Thierry E.M Mercier

             11b Epple road

              London SW6 4DJ


May peace prevail

With love and light,

 Thierry Mercier aka Dhudtsi Gyaltsen

Dear Manu,

Thank you so much for the clarity and insight you have provided for my husband and I.  Both of us have interacted with you and the blessings, warnings and insights you have provided have been invaluable in our lives.  One of us has stopped, overnight, the drinking which was causing havoc in our lives and negatively affecting our entire family.  There wasn’t even a question after your insight regarding the matter and your blessing, we truly believe, negated any major cravings or temptations to go back to the habit.  You have provided us with warnings of things which we were unaware of at the time but which later turned out to be absolutely true.  Thank you for being a light in this ever darkening world.  Thank you for the loving nature in which you share your gifts with others.  You are truly a blessed man who shares your blessing with those of us who are not so enlightened.

With love,

Rob and Katherine

Physicist and Writer

Park City, Utah, USA

Manu Sai,

May the Ancestors of this Ancient Land of Pamanyungan (Australia), bless you and your loved ones throughout your /their, Earth walk!

In my humble opinion and all of those; who were fortunate enough to attend the Ceremony, facilitated by you at our most Sacred Site, suffice to say, "YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL! " 💛 Friendship Eternally.

May the Healing now escalate.💕


Auntie Minnie Mace.

Aboriginal Elder

Queensland, Australia


An inspiring, giving Holy man,  I was privileged  to meet this year at a sacred gathering in the

Glass House Mountains of Queensland.

Manu is a truly caring holy man, that gives his time freely  and whole heartedly.

After Just one evening AT A HINDU TEMPLE in Virginia Qld.

MANU reached out to help Australian tribal indigenous elders bless the earth on sacred song lines..  A wonderful fire ceremony that we were all,extremely grateful for.

This world needs more selfless earth helpers, holy men and woman.

Of Manu Sai's caliber.

 Anyone that would see him as some sort of charlatan has no concept of caring for humanity and all the kingdoms .Genuine people don't throw stones,  or judge.

Lets hope this rabble rousers sees how hurtful  slinging untruth pain can be. Especially to a pure heart.  Find another way to express your baggage, not by blaming others for your own issues.

Remember God is always watching those who judge us.  So look at yourself before you throw stones.Thank you again , you give without any expectations of return, Manu Sai for touching my heart and helping indigenous find peace on this sacred Australian  land.

Om Sai Ram


Intuitive Instructor & Therapist

Good day Manu,

Hope all is well and that you know just how much of a positive effect you are having on everyone you touch. Until our paths cross once again, with love and light,

    As I sit down to go over in my mind those few days back in the jungles of Peru, I can't help but to feel true awe at the clarity and healing that took place there.  From the first moment I met Manu, I sensed something I had no words for; no point of reference.  Within minutes of meeting him, Manu started to say things in a way that made me feel certain I had met him before.

Although we only shared a brief few days together, the impact of the two ceremonies I was so blessed to take part in are undeniable.

Manu's ability to cut through the layers of societal programming and to call me out on some deep issues, while a little tough to hear, was truly a blessing.  His connection to God and his complete faith in his life purpose have been a source of great inspiration to me and the new freedom and clarity I received has in many ways led me towards my own path and purpose.  This life is filled with ups and downs, love and pain, but when someone comes into to your life, however briefly, and renews your faith in something bigger than yourself,  you can't help but feel just how much hope still lives in the hearts of mankind.

With love and gratitude for all that you do,

Garrett Seibel

Por favor...., eres una de las pocas personas que he conocido en mi vida llena de humildad, de corazón limpio, espíritu grande, siempre dispuesto a ayudar, sin condiciones, solidario hasta el tuétano, con infinitos aciertos e interpretándonos cada mensaje con paciencia y amor. Cada encuentro con mi hermano Manu es un respiro profundo, lleno de esperanza. Lo escribo con el corazón en la mano!

Magali Bruckman

Cusco, Peru

"With guided intuition and spirit from India Manu's healing abilities come through and last inside of you"


Kundalini yoga teacher / mystic.

Manu - the healing I had with you years back was so right on, healing and magical. You are so plugged in, hip and deep all at the same time - much love and magic to you!

Jessica Forbes

Brother Manu, 

At this point in our lives and as many times as our path have crossed, words about your healing work cannot give justice to the divine light that you transmit and put forth towards all beings. One has to experience the work you offer to understand the pureness and the deepness of the work. You are a divine conduite of the love, the light and the compassion that surrounds us all and with that love, that light and that compassion you heal. I am who I am because of you brother. You fire ceremonies, your earth ceremonies, your journeys, your one on one session convey the messages of the highest consciousness. You are a teacher and you are a healer at the service of humanity. Thank you.

I am grateful of your presence in my life always.
I love you, 

Your words are so beautiful. The I is the vehicle for Spirit. And you
are a wonderful channel for Spirit. When i could not get out of my house and barely out of bed, your healing work freed me. After you removed the energy block on my crown chakra and realigned my energies, within two days i had a job. And within a week i had a volunteer job working at a senior center. Work that i love. Both
have been sources of learning and growth for me as i continue to uncover my heart's work. I am so grateful that you have found yours!
I hope that you will be coming to our area sometime this year.

Patricia Ward

In my sessions with Manu, I have never been given a time frame for how long it should take or how I should heal, but rather reminded of the innate wisdom and tools I already had to do so. 
We were doing some abdominal work, in my first session. Moments into the work, it felt like a someone had struck a match on both of my thighs, and like wildfire, it spread down my legs and out of the bottom of my feet.
Almost immediately, I felt tons lighter and once again permeable. My eyes were open and I was plugged into the earth again. 
A thank you hardly expresses the gratitude I have for you. 
Melissa Ward

Manu you have been such a wonderful blessing in our life. You have helped to bring things back to real spiritual terms. Your ceremonial healings have helped a great deal for my family. We would have never known about Mizani's health issue if it wasn't for you, especially when the doctors didn't even know! Your spiritual guidance was remarkable.
No words can describe the blessings that you bring other than I am SO Greatful for your work.

"The Horton Family"
Los Angeles, California

Meeting Manu is your first blessing, from there on out is a series of even bigger and deeper blessings. When society's challenges and hardship with loved ones broken me down and split my heart and spirit in half a little miracle happened. I met Manu. He was different, he wasn't teaching at me or telling me to make drastic changes. He knew the child inside of me needed to be front and center. He help to make that happen. If I was on the ground so was he, when I stood up, he was there along side of me. I think of him as a spirit guide and someone I call brother naturally. I'm had the pleasure to witness him help my friends and family now and they are all so pleased too. I'm happy to speak directly to you about Manu's gifts. 
Gina Cavalier

I have known the generosity of Manu's love across two continents. The first, in an ashram in India, we became quick friends, so rarely have I come across someone who opens the heart so quickly and so wholly to complete strangers. Jovial and kind, the two weeks we spent together are cherished by us both.

In particular, I remember Manu offering a healing to me in the final part of our stay there, which I gladly accepted. He assisted me in letting go of some old baggage, that although spiritually I had left behind long ago, that was unbeknownst to me clinging onto my body affecting my well-being. The healing was a wonderful experience that left me a better man for it. What a gift to have encountered Manu, and to have received this assistance that allowed me to be more myself. In addition, he gave me a diary, which even now, some five years later, is on my desk beaming up at me. We kept in contact over the years, Manu giving me advice in a nurturing and brotherly way when he felt I needed it, as always with no strings attached, and from place of complete love.

In Australia just a few months ago, yet another gift my brother Manu brought me, along with some sage advice that has since led me to a closer relationship with the divine, a Rudraksha bead. This bead that was the instrument of yet another profound healing.

His gifts are unique, and so valuable to us. His earnest quest to improve the world is a blessing to us. His personality and humor are the stuff of reminiscent smiles. It is an honor to call this man my friend, and more than vouching for him, I encourage you maximize and value his presence in your life if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity.

Robert Rosina is the author of the self help book 'Yoga of Love', and has a Bachelor of Media from Macquarie University.