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Tree planting ceremony

So much sorrow and pain, the earth being mutilated for someone’s gain. She gave us seeds bountiful and pure, following the seasons for reasons of nature I’m sure. Little did we pay heed to the ancestral knowledge, play with fire as we followed our consuming desire, stripped the land of vitamins, pierced her natural dna with that of science and now Mother Nature roars and her earth trembles, the oceans shake and the winds blow fierce. Mother, sorry we are, your laws we do so love, please forgive us and do the best we shall. Let us heed the laws of nature and plant trees on this coming solstice and do our part in Earth Activism as we say no to gmo’s and modified seeds with words of gratitude on our lips and making a promise to live our lives truthful in word and deed.

The Power of Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony has kept people around the globe connected to the organic cycles of time. These cycles create, evolve, integrate and disintegrate as time continues with its never-ending flow. With the event of the digital age, technology is pushing us all together and natural barriers are crossed over without heed to what is happening. It is time to reconnect our society, friends and families to the power of nature and the blessings of Pachamama (Mother earth).

Connecting through ancient Vedic fire technologies, Peruvian Shamanic ritual, Native American sweat lodges and intuitively guided ceremonies with visits to sacred sites, Manu Sai uses the Vedic precepts of ancient India and the wisdom of Pachamama to create viable pathways of divine understanding that one can follow easily and incorporate into their daily lives. These pathways are ones of peace and love, truth, righteousness and non-violence that help one connect to the mystical power of being in the moment. If you are interested in hosting a ceremony for yourself, family, community, state and country, please contact Manu Sai directly.

Fire Ceremony of Purification

In almost every ancient religion on this earth, fire is an important element of prayer. The smoke of the fire takes the prayers up into the ethers to where the Gods reside. The fire represents the mouth of God and through the ceremony takes the food offered, adds light to it in the form of fire, and makes it into energy to feed the Gods. When honored in this way, Spirit offers blessings to us and takes care of us in return.

We will be doing a ceremony for the current situation in our surrounding areas and on our Planet and how our presence impacts our surroundings in our daily life, by offering our impurities to the fire we emerge unscathed, clean, purified and prepared to deal with the lessons or obstacles that come before us. As we do this, our burdens will lessen the more we look into ourselves and learn through the process of introspection.

It is said that the sacred fire connects down into the core of the earth, where there is also fire, and up into the heavens to the sun, which is fire. This helps to integrate our energy with all creation. The fire is also known to bring about quick transformation and dissolution of negativity.

Once the ceremony begins, the different aspects of spirit are called upon with reverence and given an offering. In another dimension, it is possible to see the named deity swoop in and take their offering as it is given to them. They are all lined up, waiting for their turn to partake. They, in turn, give of themselves: a blessing of assistance in life, a feeling of peace, an attitude of understanding or compassion. Observe each thought each picture, each emotion that comes to mind and offer that into the fire. Let us pray to the care takers of the land for harmony and safety.


In preparation for the ceremony we ask that you bring the following:

 Flowers

 Dried Fruits and Nuts

 Ghee

Vegetable or Olive Oil

 Puffed Cereal

 Seven assorted Grains

 Legumes

 Honey

 Sage and Cedar

 Essential Oils

We also ask that you also bring two letters to offer. One containing that which you nolonger wish to hold onto in your life, and the other stating those attributes or energies that you wish to incorporate into your life. While there is no charge for the ceremony, donations are appreciated.

~May there be peace and harmony in all the worlds~

A Tree of Refuge Global Ceremony

I'm so grateful to be able to share this updated video with you. Its a culmination of a vision given during a sacred pilgrimage in the Andes of Peru to the lord of Qoyllority a few years ago, where on the last day, the spirit of (Apu) Mount Ausangate spoke to me and told me to start a worldwide offering to the earth ceremony. 

This ceremony is dedicated to all First Nation people and Refugees who have to feel the brunt of being uprooted from their lands and continue to be subjected to the whims of big business politics.

Being rooted is a trees natural state, its righteous action, its Dharma. It stands strong and beautiful, giving flower, fruit, and refuge under its branches. If left alone and respected, it will always be there, sharing endlessly.

Whats does Refugee mean? 

"A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster" 

It means that they have been uprooted, in a radical way, sometimes from one moment to the next. Surely a traumatic and painful experience on so many levels. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis on this planet during these current times is on a scale never seen before and it is not stopping. We safely watch it from afar on our television screens and feel momentary flashes of empathy that quickly switch into something else, just as fast as we can change a channel. 

I know that we are capable of great acts of love, care and respect. I would like to present to you a ceremony of awareness, one that will help to raise consciousness for our brothers and sisters who are homeless, living in camps, traveling great distances across hostile environments to reach refuge, safety, a warm bed, a hot meal, a place where they won't be attacked, assaulted or hurt.

Join me on January 1st, 2016 in a global fruit or nut Tree planting ceremony. The reason I am asking people to plant a fruit or nut tree is that the tree is being planted with the intention for the fruit or nut to be shared with anyone. It will be planted thinking about refugees everywhere that need to feel rooted. This will raise our own consciousness and awareness about sharing and help us to connect with those in need everywhere. Let us help our Humanity to be firmly rooted and strong in kindness, gratitude and compassion.

If this touches you, please help to make this happen globally.

( )

Thank you

(many thanks to Tito KösterEspiritu productions and Jorge Carmona for the beautiful video)