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Spiritual Counseling and Healing sessions with Manu Sai Malasquez

Manu Sai has  spent many years studying the Peruvian Shamanic way of the Amazon. It involves studying with the plants themselves under the tutelage of a medicine man or woman. They are taught how to go into states of trance through the use of sacred medicines, song and meditation. When they are in this state, it is easy to communicate with the world of nature and the cosmos, helping them to diagnose and help their patients and our mother earth.

In the beginning of Manu's training, sacred medicines were used to dive deep into the unseen to diagnose, receive information and clarity and now through years of training and meditation, these places can be reached through song and intention. He thanks Creator for this gift and places it at the divines feet so that it may be used wisely and in the right way.

Manu Sai uses sacred song, chants and humming along with soft drumming, rattles, juice harp, and whatever is handy to relax the patient and to journey with them to the places that need to be healed, whether in the past or the present. It can be a mental and emotional trauma due to a stressful childhood or an abusive parent that needs to be released or the body is holding in tension due to a physical accident or injury. There are so many ways that we hold ourselves back from release that we do not even know about and having someone to facilitate a place of safety and loving support can help all of us to be comfortable enough to do so. Manu Sai believe's in creating a safe place for the patient to relax in with Gods assistance and love. One of the advantages of working with Manu, is his highly tuned sense of intuition. He is able to sense and bring things up that need to be discussed and healed that may have been buried for years or lifetimes. He is also able to help family members or loved ones and animals that are not present by looking at a photograph.  This being said, Manu Sai  will not do your work for you. He is in session to reflect and mirror what you need to look at, process and move through and out of. 

Sessions are an hour long and are on a sliding scale basis between  $150 to $200 per session.

My Medicine Bag

Manu Sai Malasquez shares his viewpoint on medicinal plant use

My mother Ananda Mai knitted and gave me my first medicine pouch to wear around my neck when I was thirteen years old. She gave it to me with crystals and medicine items inside with counsel about how to live in a good way. The same year my father Inti smoked the pipe with me for my birthday and reminded me about the three main Inkan morals of life, " don't steal, don't lie and don't be lazy". It took many years to learn to walk a good path and I must admit that I fell many times and did not follow the advice of the Inkas nor my parents.

I am now sitting at Pachamama Wasi, a beautiful retreat center on holy land here in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas that my Mother and Father have created and nurtured, listening to the sounds of a waterfall while feeling the cool Andean mountain breeze nurture my heart and I am grateful, for my parents and understanding for what they went through raising a wild child like me. Thankfully, time has passed and the road has taught much and the wild child has grown into the man that my parents advised and prayed for me to be.

As I look into the medicine bag that I carry with me, I see spiritual items from India, crystals from Europe, Vibhuti manifested by Satya Sai Baba, water from the rivers Jordan, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. I don't see Ayahuasca nor San Pedro in the bag that I travel around the globe with. Many shamans and medicine men now represent these plant medicines around the globe, far from where they originally grew and were intended for use. The world is smaller, we have western union to send money through and fed ex to send medicines by. I have asked creator many times wether I should share the wisdoms of these plant medicines outside Peru and expect for some extremely healing circumstances, I keep hearing no.

Yesterday while feeding the fire, I saw how blessed I am to live in and come from Peru, a land that is full of healing medicines that are completely legal and accepted by society, government and religion for centuries. I do not need to fill my bag and go around the world with them . As my beloved divine father Satya Sai Baba says, "follow the laws of the land". If you want to do sacred plant ceremony with me, then come to Peru, where we are surrounded by Ancient mountains, rivers and mystic energies, I am happy to facilitate and guide the ceremonies in a safe, humble, loving way. In your country, we can sit around the holy fire, make healing mandalas and sing sacred songs together, weaving tapestries of light while praying for the Earth to feel our love. The creator is great and has gifted us all with so much. My medicine bag is open as is my heart.

Manu Sai Malasquez

Medicine Walks

    Ceremonies such as sacred medicinal plant use in a safe and guided way can help one release cellular, emotional, spiritual, and soul memories that no longer serve us. During these medicinal ceremonies, it is possible to quiet the mind, to connect to the cosmos and be able to become a hollow vessel, which can then be filled with positivity. This positivity, when mixed with a higher purpose, will help one in their lives and of those around them.

     Manu Sai guides people on daytime medicinal plant walks through Peruvian Andean cloud forest and into dales of enchantment using the ancient cactus called Washuma, also known as San Pedro. It is a grandfather medicine that stops time and turns off feelings of the past and future, allowing one to be able to truly feel without all the excess noise that inhabits our minds. Grandfather Washuma connects one to the Earth (Pachamama) by rooting the individual in ones heart. The emotional purification, mindfulness and connection one can feel with ones self and the Earth as a living breathing entity is truly inspiring and divine; a true gift to help us understand time and our purpose.