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Path To Shamanism

      Born in Rio De Janeiro to Ananda Mai from the Usa and Inti Cesar Malasquez from Peru, Manu Sai Malasquez started his traveling life on his parents back across the Amazon and into Peru. While one, he started walking in the Notre Dame church in Paris and with his parents made it across Asia by land to India, where they where led to live in one of the most sacred cities in the world, Varanasi. While his father studied yoga and music, Manu learned about devotion with his Mother whilst playing on the banks of the Ganges river and visiting Sacred temples and spending time with families of musicians, learned pundits and holy men and women.  The indian summers were hot and the cool winds from the Nepali Himalayas blew strong through Kathmandu and so the Malasquez family would spend summer months on Saraswati hill in Swayambhu.  Next to their home was a Buddhist monastery and a short walk away, the Swayambhu Stupa. Spending time between Buddhism, Hinduism and mountain shamanism led to a strong foundation in their lives which would unfurl even more as they moved to Northern California and started learning from Native American elders about the Red Road. In between these sacred teachings, life in the west walked in and Manu was swept off the obvious path of spirituality he was surrounded by and went into a learning curve that involved traveling on his own and being addicted to Cocaine.

  After years of addiction, Manu was healed by the decision to stop using and moved to the Peruvian Amazon. With the help of his plant allies and mother Ayahuasca, Manu was able to cleanse his body, soul and mind while dedicating himself to learning from the elementals and healing devas of the Jungle.  It was during this period of self discovery that Manu's latent healing and clairvoyant capabilities were activated and awakened and then one evening Satya Sai Baba walked through Manu's door preceded by the effulgent scent of roses and invited Manu to come see him in India. Heeding Sai Baba's summons, Manu traveled to Southern India and found his master teacher and life inspiration in him. Sai Baba's teachings of universal unity and human values touched Manu deeply and thus was created a bond that holds them together for more then fifteen years now.  Sai Baba promptly started to shape and mould Manu down to size, introducing him to teachers and spiritual practitioners of diverse healing modalities and sent him on a journey that would include apprenticing with a Vedic fire priest, North American Indigenous Elders, Peruvian Ayahuasqueros, plant teachers and  medicine men and women who heal the body, mind and soul from around the world.

     Manu Sai is based in Peru and the US. He travels the planet leading global tours of cultural and mystical interest while performing Vedic fire ceremonies, Peruvian offering to the Earth Rituals for the Earth and offers healing sessions, spiritual counseling and friendship to those in need.


  Please listen to this musical tale of Manu's spiritual awakening and read the blog for entertaining mystical adventures and Dharmic experiences.