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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

There's Earth under that asphalt. A ceremony for New York City

Manu Sai Malasquez


Healing in the forest is easy. We sit under trees, breathing in fresh air as we enjoy the solitude and connection with Mother Earth. Now try that in rush hour traffic  along with millions of other beings, rushing from here to there, caught up in being human doings instead of human beings.  Its not easy and yet completely possible, as long as we pay attention.

  As I get ready to go to NY city to visit and pray with friends and family, I am reminded of a dream I had of Mother Kali a year or so back. She showed me NY city submerged under water and urged ceremony to raise awareness about the Earth changes coming. It's so hard to pay attention to change happening around us when we are caught up in the doing of things. Ceremony helps to create an energy, a focused prayer not just to the creator in the all around but also  towards the divine indweller within.

 Reminders are a good thing, they help us to focus as we sit in circle, raising our energies and concentration. I can hear the song lines under the asphalt, I feel the bushes and trees asking for recognition. Let us come together and create a mandala of hope that will inspire us and our neighbours to remember that there's Earth under that asphalt, just as there's a human being inside that human doing. 

  Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Email or message me for information about the upcoming ceremony in Manhattan on the 4th or 5th of August.


Gracias y Bendiciones

Manu Sai