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The Dream Healer, Ajos Sacha

Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

The Dream Healer, Ajos Sacha

Manu Sai Malasquez

     May the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba be with us all.  I am feeling inspired by waking up early, following a vegetarian diet and chanting " Om Namah Shivaya".  As I feel myself shifting and and expanding to a higher processing state within my ethereal body, I am confronted by the limitations created by addictions to social media and an over exposure to electronics. If I am able to let go of these habits and calm and sooth my damaged mind, I know it will be easier to be more productive and clear.  This morning after waking up around 3 am due to jet lag, I was visited by the spirit of Ajo Sacha, who is a beautiful plant ally from the Amazon Rainforest whom I met many years ago.

Ajos sacha is an evergreen tropical shrubby vine that is native to the Amazon rainforest. It can either be described as a shrub or a vine since it produces numerous woody vines from the root that grow only 2-3 m tall and form a shrub-like appearance. It is cataloged under two main Latin names, Mansoa alliacea and Pseudocalymma alliaceum, although several other synonyms are used as well. Its Spanish name, ajos sacha, means “false garlic” and refers to the strong garlic smell and flavor of the leaves when crushed. In the tropics and in the Amazon rainforest, the leaves are even used as a condiment or spice for its garlic flavor and odor.

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   Ajos Sacha first came into my life when I began my studies in Rain Forest plant medicine healing more then 20 years ago. I was bathed in its crushed leaves and given its essence to drink the early morning after an Ayahuasca ceremony. The taste of soft garlic with a hint of coriander filled my mouth and as I lay back back in my hammock still under the effects of Ayahuasca I drifted back to sleep, to have some deeply prophetic dreams that would impact my life forever.  The plant spoke to me as she swirled around my ethereal and astral bodies, advising me about practical and essential things that I had been ignoring. She healed me of some financial limitations that I had been holding on to due to some past experiences and trauma. She unwrapped me and showed me what a present I was, how valuable I am as a human being. 

   This morning she came to me and filled my solar plexus with her green energy and asked me to write about her and to come and do a dieta with her ( vision quest) on my next visit to the Amazon  . The dieta in Rain Forest medicine is a beautiful way to clean the physical, mental and emotional soul bodies. Taking time to go and stay in the forest without access to the distractions of modern life while also taking Ayahuasca, following a strict diet and being open to the energies of change, one can reboot and be reset by natures master healers, the plants. Ajos Sacha is going to be our first master doctor at Spirit Songs mystical farm in Iquitos, Peru and will be available for week long diets to all who need. She is soft and firm and unyielding in her medicine and can work deeply through the dreamtime to bring us deep clarity and understanding of ourselves and others. We will be drinking her roots essence and bathing in her leaves water. I am grateful for her advice and care and will also be including her leaves and wood in our vedic fire ceremonies for planetary well being at the crystal matrix fire temple so that her energy merges into the vedic mantras and as smoke goes into the atmosphere propelled by the power of all the trees of the rainforest and in one way or another affects all sentient beings.  Rain forest plant medicines are caring living beings who heal us deeply and only wish to share and help. It is up to us to care for the largest natural pharmacy on the planet, the Amazon.

Thank you Mama Amazonas