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Spirit songs and the Amazonian crystal matrix fire temple

Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Spirit songs and the Amazonian crystal matrix fire temple

Manu Sai Malasquez

Waking up in New York city at 3 am  and feeling the energy of Kala Bhairava coursing through my body, brings me here to you. Many moons have passed since I first took medicine as a teenager, first recreationally and later on medicinally.  My focus changed from the plant, vine, cactus or mushroom to the divine as I continued my evolution towards India and the Vedic culture. After having spent many years in India and the spiritual path, I am being sent back to the Amazon to create a mystical farm where we will work with the elemental tree spirits, sacred plant medicines  and harness the wisdom currents floating through the universe, waiting to be heeded. There is so much loving guidance flowing through the cosmos for all of us.  I have been guided to build a crystal matrix fire temple in the Amazon jungle that will serve as a cosmic antennae from where we will pray for guidance, universal harmony and well being as well as purify ourselves and send healing energies boosted by the millions of healing tree beings of the jungle to wherever it is needed in the moment. 

  More then 17 years have passed since my initiatory experiences in the Amazon Rainforest where I saw my life path and how the elementals of the rainforest, ascended masters and star beings wanted me to create a center where they would channel information and guidance for the planet, bringing healing and spiritual and bio technologies forth. Not from the ethers but from the Earth herself. By speaking with the plant devas and hearing their advice and receiving formulas to treat illness and disease. Bringing together a team of scientists, doctors, healers, mystics, curanderos and Ayahuasquros to research and develop medicines, super foods, healing ointments, creams and perfumes from the planet for her people. Many forget or its not emphasized and focused on, but the forest speaks, the dyriads and rivers have knowledge and cures for humanities ills.

 Spending time flushing ourselves out first through the use of plant medicines, both psychedelic and natural, we break and expand the minds barriers and enhance our capabilities to connect with the nature and divine. The pharmacy of Pachamama is so vast and varied and yet our limited egoic mind is only scratching the surface. By placing ourselves at the disposition of Nature and the grace of the divine, we open ourselves to receive the transformative blessings that the earth and her children so richly deserve.

 Spirit Songs is the name of the retreat center that is being built in honor of the sacred Icaros. Mystical chants that are given in dieta (vision quest)  and assimilated by the body mind and soul to be sung as needed by the Ayahuasquero or curandero. If songs can be heard in the mystic and given to us, why not information for Planetary welfare? The Amazon has so much knowledge, medicine and gifts for the planet, some obvious and some not. Its time to come together and build a mystical laboratory,  where the spirits of nature are the Doctors and pharmacists and we the willing patients. Many people are building similar centers and temples of healing, helping so many people. For this we are grateful and appreciative. The Amazon is loud and has so much to say, she feeds us all oxygen and helps us live. She is not just Ayahuasca, she is multi versed and can converse with our souls in a myriad of ways. Bathing us in her healing waters, she feeds us nutrient rich healing and wants to help us live long, happy healthy lives..

 My journey through North America this month will be to raise awareness about the Amazon and funds to build the crystal matrix fire temple and the rest of Spirit Songs.This is my life purpose and I have been in training for the past 17 years to be a vehicle for this to happen. Mother Earth has a lot of medicine to heal our wounds and advice for our future and survival as a human race. 

I hope you can join me in one of my ceremonies and help pray together for the future of humanity and all sentient beings. I am deeply humbled and grateful for the blessings of Kala Bhairava, the Lord of Time for helping me to write this today.

Meaning : Salutations to Lord Kala-Bhairav

Kala Bhairava is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva.
Kala represents Dark Times.
Bhai represents Fear
Rava represents Destroyer.
So, in all, Kala Bhairava destroys the Dark times and the fear generated from it.
When worshiped and called upon, God Kala Bhairav bestows the worshiper with his blessings to turn the Bad times into Good times.
He helps devotees fruitfully utilize their time in securing their goals. This is the reason why he is known as the Lord of Time. Wasting time in trivial pursuits can be diverted towards a constructive purpose, if one offers prayers and chants the name of Bhairava. He purifies souls with his sheer power and makes odds favorable for believers.