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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Healing of the Character

Manu Sai Malasquez

 Batuk Bhairav Temple, Varanasi, India     

Batuk Bhairav Temple, Varanasi, India  


 Starting the day here in India to the sounds of birds singing and Veda chanting is inspiring and a reminder of the beauty of gratitude and the blessings of life. As a retreat that I will be facilitating  in the Amazon rainforest draws near, I am reflecting more and more on the responsibility of working with Ayahuasca and what is the goal in doing so.

 Sri Sathya Sai Baba came to me for the first time in the Peruvian Amazon seventeen years ago and told me that I would be sitting in front of him within 4 months. Exactly as predicted, I was sitting in front of him four months later.  His influence in my life continues to grow and the strongest way that it does is through his moulding of my character and that of his devotees. We can change many things but changing our character can be a lifelong task.

     The medicine ceremonies that we facilitate in Peru always start with a fire puja intended to cleanse and purify us. This helps us to go into the ceremony with intention and clarity, clean and ready. If we go into ceremony without purification, then mother Ayahuasca works on cleansing us even more and this can get more uncomfortable then needed. The reason I also use fire is to remind us all about the importance of the creator and how important it is for us to be good. If we take medicine with the intention of not only hitting the delete but also the reset button, then it is easier for us to be in sync with all that has been, is and will be. 

    My ayahuasca teacher and brother Cesar Panduro is a good man who believes in the creator and works for the up above as he says. This creates a safe and positive environment to take medicine in.  He has allowed me to share my ceremonies within his work and together we are creating a synchronistic holy reel to share in the divine movie theatre of medicine work. Knowing that the creator is the director, producer, audience and movie screen helps us to be objective and clear in our ceremonies.  

    I am interested in helping all who come, not just with  healing or releasing, but character growth. This is why Im not afraid to bring up issues that are deep and should be released into the purifying fire. The world is rapidly shifting and we are the ones who can help our children's children to live in peace and prosperity.  Sai Baba says "be good, do good, see good" as well as the importance of good company.

   Our healing retreats are special and I take my job as a soul surgeon or character mechanic seriously and hope that those who are open to shifting, read this and join us one day. Our character is so important, lets nurture the positive and burn the negative.


Thank you  

for all my relations

Manu Sai