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Happy Mothers Day Pachamama

Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Happy Mothers Day Pachamama

Manu Sai Malasquez

  In Vedic cultures ones mother is always revered as the first Guru. She carries us in her womb and gives us so much care and love throughout our lives, teaching us the difference between right and wrong, shaping and moulding us into good human beings. I am eternally grateful to my mother for her love and teachings.

   During the past few years in ceremony and on travels through the world, I keep hearing inside that Pachamama (Mother Earth) is also our guru. She gives of herself selflessly, teaches us through life experience, holds our bones and ashes and revitalizes us lifetime after lifetime, as we search for the deeper meaning of our existence.

  Her sacred plant medicines are traveling the world and helping people to expand there consciousness and heal their wounds. For this Mothers day, I ask all sacred medicine practitioners to remember Pachamama and the medicines that she gives, that her forests are protected, her frogs cared for, her medicine men and women honored and the laws of reciprocity followed. She gives us, we must remember her selflessness in our actions.  Beloved Mother Earth, I love you so much, thank you for clothing, feeding and caring for us all. 

  On the retreat I will be leading in Peru in August at Pachamama Wasi which means home of Mother Earth, we will be inaugurating a temple to Pachamama. A place of worship and prayer dedicated to her and the wellbeing of all her children, two legged, four legged and winged, seen and unseen. It will be a place of elemental connection and remembrance. Come join us as we honor her for all that she gives us.

Thank you Pachamama