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Empowerment of the Soul, a healing journey

Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Empowerment of the Soul, a healing journey

Manu Sai Malasquez


Disappointment brings so many teachings and this picture is of the Temple of Goddess Dhumavati in Varanasi. She is one of the Das Mahavidya goddesses and is also known as the Goddess of Disappointment.  

    I went to her for help during an intense period of my life and as I bowed down and touched my forehead to the floor and was starting to unload my worries, I heard her deep in my soul " don't worry, I know all about it and am taking care of you my son" True to her word, everything got taken care and the goddess of disappointment empowered me deeply and my life is the better because of it.

   As a curandero medicine man, I am grateful to my gurus and teachers for having taught me many different and varied healing techniques and yet I am most grateful to the ups and downs of life, the pain and sorrow that has taught me to be grateful, the bitterness that has me appreciate the sweet.

  It's easier to be authentique then to assume and project perfection. Im a divine being like you on a human journey, learning through each step.  I started to write this post to talk about the healing work that flows through me, to promote my work and here I am much more comfortable sharing my truth and heart.

    I was trolled, slandered and character assassinated online, subjected to brutal stories intended to destroy me and my reputation and it all came from me seeing the truth about something in someone and before it was shared, I got attacked.  I'm grateful to Goddess Dhumavati for helping  me with this situation as it continues to unfold and for the empowerment of finding character within my faults, for helping me up and leading me inward and outward again.

   Empowerment is an amazing experiential tool  and I'm grateful for the ability to share it in my healing work. What you will find in a healing session with me is truth and clarity, a different perspective and guidance from the divine to help us all.


thank you  

Mata Dhumavati Ki... Jai! 

Manu Sai Malasquez