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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

The shamanic methods of healing that I practice


I have spent many years studying the Peruvian Shamanic way of the Amazon. It involves studying with the plants themselves under the tutelage of a medicine man or woman. We are taught how to go into states of trance through the use of sacred medicines, song and meditation. When we are in this state, it is easy to communicate with the world of nature and the cosmos, helping us to diagnose and help our patients and our mother earth.

In the beginning of my training sacred medicines were gifted to dive deep into the unseen and now through years of introspection and meditation, those places can be reached through song and intention. I give thanks to god for this gift and place it at the divines feet so that it may be used wisely and in the right way.

I use sacred song, chants and humming along with soft drumming, rattles, juice harp, and whatever is handy to relax the patient and to journey with them to the places that need to be healed, whether in the past or the present. It can be a mental and emotional trauma due to a stressful childhood or an abusive parent that needs to be released or the body is holding in tension due to a physical accident or injury. There are so many ways that we hold ourselves back from release that we do not even know about and having someone to facilitate a place of safety and loving support can help all of us to be comfortable enough to do so. I believe in creating a safe place for the patient to relax in with Gods assistance and love. This being said, I will not do your work for you. I am here to reflect and mirror what you need to look at, process and move through and out of.