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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Honoring the blessings of the Winged Ones


The other day I found a bunch of Hawk feathers near my teachers home in Bangalore, the energy in the feathers contained such a high level of Purity and Innocence. It touched my heart so deeply to have been led to such a gift. This morning d

uring a fire ceremony performed at my family home in India, I was told to put my condor and eagle feather fan into the river nearby. The reason being that the feathers were not given willingly by the birds. They were killed for their feathers. I did not know this and did not care enough to ask where they came from. I deeply apologize to all the winged ones and promise to pray for their well being and share the message that grace is given and cannot be forcibly taken. Thank you winged ones. Jai Sai Ram