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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

The evolution of Shamanism


Just as the future of humanity is intrinsically linked to love and kindness, so is the evolution of Shamanism. Being an ancient 

Practice based on traditions and knowledge passed down through the ages, it's link to the past is as important as its evolution in the here and now, thus affecting our future. Shamanism and its influence on the world is growing as access to once secret knowledge is freely shared through books, internet, workshops and the ease of travel. 

Once upon a time, one needed to be guided by signs, omens, faith and fate toward a shamanic practice. What

What once was not taken for granted is now easily shared and sold. The integrity within the ranks and files of Shamans has been sliding down as the rates for sessions and workshops have been readjusted to the growing demand for quick fix spirituality. 

I have been lucky to have been born into a medicine family and a shamanic culture.  I consider myself  blessed that I was called to India by Satya Sai Baba and how his teachings  influenced my life and shamanic practice, reminding me about Truth, Love, Peace, Rectitude, Non Violence and Love. 

As I travel around the world, leading ceremonies and doing healing sessions, I am touched and amazed by the beauty of the messages that come through and the people who carry the medicine that summon the messages. As we sit in sacred circle, creating medicine wheels and mandalas for world peace and personal transformation, I hear the message and share it with my fellow children of God. 

The message that I have heard, experienced and understood lately is that "

Dharmic Shamanism is an awareness that everything is done with an intention towards integrating, truth, word, action and deed towards the highest good of all sentient beings. We do ceremony for everyone and remember to give thanks to the Creator and God within for all blessings. Its not just about collecting power or achieving greatness but arriving at Godliness and being humble and thankful for the gifts given and using them for the benefit of all"

Hearing and feeling the importance of this message inspires me to expand my practice and share the news that God is an important part of Shamanism. All shamans can share the Creators love, compassion, kindness and generosity with their patients, clients and students. It is important to cultivate the awareness of service to man, and that the powers, techniques and tools learned and transmitted are to be shared with love and humilityWe need to step up and say no to the crass commercialism and continuing capitalization of the Great Spirit. Its ok to work, its ok to make money, but it is not ok to create addiction and create shamans that do not remember about God and his generosity. 

No matter how many workshops or initiations we have, if we dont have kindness and right actions in our daily life, then we are not worthy to call ourselves Shamans. 

If all the light workers, shamans and medicine folk remember to give thanks to the up above and all around before anything, this gratitude will grow and envelope our planet and where there is gratitude, lack will not exist and our global home will be healthy as will her children once again. Step up and into to the light, question your medicine men and shamans before you attend workshops, find out if they believe in positive things, see if they live in integrity.  Dont let feathers,drums and chants convince you of their power. Allow the filter of a kind heart to speak to and through you, allowing constant communication with like minded beings, thus creating an evolution of the soul and uplifting and reminding all Shamans about their sacred duty to the Creator and the children of God.

    Thank you 

        Om Sai Ram

              Manu Sai