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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

A Shamanic Call, Written at Swami's, April 2010


Dharma structures like crystaline fissures of sugar candy asking to be fed to a small child. Taste my sweetness, feel my love, know me as yours, feel my breath touch yours as the cool wind tickles the leaves off the snow covered tree. Going within the earth I hear the beat of my mothers heart, as I step into the love filled jungle, I hear the elementals calling my name..Manu , hear our song, call our name..

Feeling the scent of the Jasmine flower. I call her to me.Oh Beloved Jasmine, I call your name, how sweet is your scent, how lovely you adorn the goddesses hair, you are lovely without a care.

Ama La India , Ama la tierra

Bendito es Erineo Sierra

Llamando a las Cachueras

llamando a los aves

Inti Illimani

Apu Ausangate

Machu Pichu Mama

Condor Pasa

Ven a mi, Ven a mi corazon

Sagrado de las llanuras

de los altiplanos

de los cumbres Amazonicos

Calling all nations, shed not your tears of fear, your earth is not dying, she is transitioning and soon she will roar, like an Anaconda twisting and moving, the rivers will toss and turn, the cities will burn and Babylon will rise again, from the wicked bones of her predecessors will flutes be made and the songs of redemption shall be played. Fear no more Children of the earth, your mother has heard your cry, you are dear to her and your ancestors memory continues in the ebb and flow of the sea.

Oh Dharma, play your song through the hearts of humanity, touch us deeply, inspire us through your beauty, create harmonies between races, religions and sexes. Bring us the truth of all existence, instill disciplined perseverance and trust in our hearts. Help us to stay united yet apart, may our will come from you, may our speech be a reflection of your heart. May your divine Shakti set us free, may our wings spread and may our hearts soar as we grow more and more..

Om Sai Ram