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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

The power of Prayer and Prophecy


At the end of October last year, I was in the city of Iquitos in the Peruvian Rainforest taking Ayahuasca with my healer and Teacher Cesar Panduro. It was a nice ceremony and things were moving quite beautifully. Towards the end of the ceremony I was shown a very clear vision of a ceremony I was to do for the ocean in Lima, specifically off the coast of the suburb of La Punta in the port city of Callao. I could see an epicenter for an earthquake building up near the Island of San Lorenzo that was a few miles off the coast.

A few weeks later I was in Lima and started feeling the energy of the earthquake very strong and knew that a ceremony was needed. I thought that I would have to go out in a boat and place an offering right over the epicenter to be. I was told to come and do the ceremony on December 20th.

Around the 12th of December in Meditation I saw a big Earthquake causing a tsunami and completely wiping out the suburb of La Punta and destroying large parts of Callao where I have family living. I heard a loud voice saying" change your plans, go and do ceremony on the 18th"!!

So I changed my plans and flew to Lima on the 18th and headed straight to a good friends yoga studio and meditation space, stopping only to buy some ingredients for the ceremony. We prayed long and hard, creating a mandala that summoned the energies of Ammachi and Satya Sai Baba, Pachamama and the goddess of the ocean Yemanja. We were able to see the historical and political situation in Peru. The epicenter was near an island that used to be full of slaves doing hard labor during colonial times and later on a prison named Fronton was built there and became the site of a massacre in the 1980's when the then president Alan Garcia called in the navy and put down a riot by having the navy bombard the prison resulting in a large number of deaths.

These energies combined with the karma of people disrespecting their ancestors, elders and surroundings was causing a huge bubble of energy just waiting to burst at the slightest pressure of the Teutonic plates deep under the sea. We asked for forgiveness in the name of all sentient beings and where shown how to create a boundary around the epicenter.

The ceremonial mandala was finished in the beautiful form of a multicolored heart, representing all nations and beings. After the ceremony I went to my friends home content with the energies and loving vibrations from the presence of Sai Baba and Ammachi. We took the elevator to my friends 5th floor apartment and as we got inside, a incredibly loud rumbling sound was heard outside like a loud cracking or big BOOOM and the building started shaking and we ran downstairs as did the other inhabitants of the building and neighborhood. It was a 4.8 earthquake that lasted only around 18 seconds but it was only an hour and a half after our ceremony. Within the next 10 minutes there were earthquakes in Indonesia as well as New Zealand. What may have happened if we had not done ceremony? Only the lord knows. I am so grateful to the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca for showing the need for the ceremony and to my teachers, both earthly and divine for their love and care for all of us. I bow down to you in gratitude and love, may I always listen to you with my heart and being.Please teach and show me always to be attentive to your will beloved Lord.

Prophecies are important warnings that if heeded and prayed about, can bring safety and peace to all sentient beings. They are not things to get alarmed or paranoid about but warnings that should be acted upon with faith and love. 2012 is a time for change in our thinking and behavior. By changing and keeping them positive we can help our world and universe to be a safe and loving home for all of our descendants.

May you be loved and cared for in all ways. Love is protecting you.

Jai Sai Ram