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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Morality comes and grows, update from Athens, Greece


Namaste from Athens, Greece

   A few months ago while in India, I was told to go and pray at the Greek temple of Acropolis for the stability of the Euro. I bowed my head upon hearing this and asked Satya Sai Baba"why should I go when you are all powerful and can do everything and anything instantly"? I was told "just go"..

   And so I went and to Athens and walked up to the Acropolis. As I started my walk, I was visited by a vision of the goddess Athena who in a caring way told me to have breakfast before walking up so that I would not feel weak on the mountain. She was carrying a beautiful amphora out of which crystal clear water flowed washing my soul clean, welcoming me to her city.

As I had breakfast and a bottle of water, I felt the energy so strange in the water, like it had no energy to it indicating that the waters in the areahave not been respectfully thanked in a while. Finishing my breakfast, I started walking up the mountain, taking time to offer water to the sun, asking for permission to walk up to the temples at Acropolis.

      As I walked up the ancient steps, I could feel the mystical energies of galactic knowledge wrapping themselves around me welcoming me home. I could feel white doves of peace flying through the air and trumpets blew announcing the change of an era. This was the time to change the equation of greed pride and arrogance that had been the downfall of the ancient civilizations that were the mothers and fathers of this sacred place. It was time to call upon the Kali Yuga Avatara Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba to plant his divine will deep into the recesses of ancestral memory and revert our cells to the original places of purity from which we all stem. We are the conscious embodiments of truth,Love and bliss, We are the ones that we have been waiting for . Let us wake up and look at the sun, moon and stars and say thank you for all that you bless us with. Its is the time for appreciation to be the food from which all sentient beings nourish themselves with. Dont mistake yourselves anymore, you are right in believing, you are pure in every way.. God loves you.

    Upon reaching the top I felt that the area had not been utilized as a place of worship for a long long time and that there used to be a beautiful clear pool of water that was used in ceremony. Offering water to a materialized lingam from Swamis will and doing the Gayatri 108 times, I could feel molten gold flowing through me into the mountain like I never felt before and as I recited prayers to the mother of the Vedas, I could feel the millions of Gayatris being recited by people around the world for Swami's health and how this is raising the spiritual frequency of the world like never before.

     The mountain shifted and Swami's energy descended into the heart of the Acropolis and shot out like an arrow from Rama's bow through all of Europe and beyond. I could perceive how each country in Europe has its own agenda, culture and ideology and how Morality needs to come and grow for conscious economics to stabilize, the acts of Dharma that nurture our spiritual progress must be the same acts that fuel economies, governments and social policy. Every single act that we do as human beings has value, everything that you do matters. Please remember that each one of you is an important piece of this beautiful puzzle that is coming together to reveal the Golden age of Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa. and you can change the world that your children will inherit.

    As the water seeped into the earth, I understood how important it is to water our intentions with prayer and appreciation, that these will surely help our beautiful seeds to grow into amazing trees of life, full of abundance to be shared with all nations. I pray that the waters of pure light that are flowing down from Athena's temple will inspire all people to remember their greatness as shining bastions of culture and wisdom and may the divine intellect work through all to co create a new age of love and peace starting with ourselves.

   Ancient Sacred Sites are sometimes dormant and prayer and intention feed and awaken them. How can we use the spiritual tools that we have, to honor the sacred sites in our own communities?We can honor our earth with genuine intention and loving surrender, by offering ourselves as gifts to the earth, cosmos and all that is as we step out of our ego mind and become one.

   Thank you for your support..

        Jai Sri Sai Ram