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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

The Ripple Effects of Truth and the Importance of Ceremony


   Last night we had a beautiful ceremony that started out a little strained because I prayed for the success of Michele Obama's program for better nutrition in the American school's and for her husband, Barack Obama to be able to help the people in a good way and this apparently pressed some buttons and I was told that this should not be included in ceremony. We pray for mother earth and on this planet we have politicians and different viewpoints that need to be respected across the board and if we don't pray for them, then who will? Prayer is the way that we change things, we are reminded in ceremony about the importance of truth, and as we learn to speak truth, we start to live and imbibe it and as this happens, its spreads from us throughout the land, creating a ripple effect that affects the core of humanity and this will return us to the Dharmic principles that are necessary to live in a world of peace and harmony..

      Sathya Sai Baba: Dharma is the eternal source. Dharma is a great virtue. Dharma is the basis for everything. In this world nothing is higher than righteousness. Man must follow the path of Dharma, to know himself, to discard demonic qualities, to foster human qualities, to develop divine qualities and to achieve a good life.