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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

A golden flame in Croatia


                Last week I was blessed to go to Zagreb Croatia to visit a dear friend Adam whom I had met in India last year where we played music for Sai Baba together. A good brother with a twinkle in his eye for life. I took the train from Graz, Austria and slept most of the way. On arrival Adam picked me up and we headed to his home, all of a sudden I asked him where the saint was buried in Zagreb, and he said that he did not know of any. Hmm, a strong feeling that someone special is buried here.

     The next day after doing some personal healings and enjoying beautiful croatian Hospitality, we headed downtown for  a walk around the city, we ended up in front of the cathedral, this cathedral had such beautiful doors, we walked up to go in and were taking some pictures when a priest walked up to me and asked me where I was from to which I answered Peru, he immediately  answered me in spanish, happy to show me around and then leaned over and whispered into my ear that he was also a futbol referee.. He eventualy led me to the tomb of 

Aloysius Viktor Stepinac, a cardinal who was beatified by Pope John Paul the second.

    As i meditated in front of Cardinal Stepinac's tomb, I felt him indicating that I should pray for the confidence of Croatia and its people, to hold ceremony to awaken the golden light energy of the earth and he showed me how people had been deeply affected in their solar plexus. Interestingly,  cancer is wide spread in Croatia and its normal for people to pass away from it, more now after the war. We left happily, knowing that the lord had brought us the Soccer Priest to show us around the beautiful cathedral.

     The next day after doing a fire ceremony in the morning and healing's during the day that were deep and moving for all of us, we started an offering to the earth ceremony with beautiful natural ingredients. I have never done a fire ceremony and an offering to the earth ceremony in the same day and was curious about why the lord had arranged it so, at the end of the day I knew it was for protection as the ceremony was so smooth and loving without any unnecessary interruptions.

    As we prayed and added rice, wheat, flowers, spices and cooking powders to the growing mandala, it became evident that we were not just praying for ourselves but for the entire country. The mandala became a heart of roses with lit candles around it and as I spoke to Lord Vishnu the preserver whose silver statue was in the middle of the heart, the candles shimmered and danced whenever his name was mentioned.

      The heart mandala was pulsing with golden light and the flames leaned in towards the center, as we prayed and focused on releasing all negativity in the land and strengthening our purpose on earth, to live in truth and love, the flames danced in happiness. 

    Throughout the ceremony we chanted the Gayatri Mantra and felt its cleansing energy and blessings permeate our hearts and the sacred space that we were creating together. The candles were distributed to everyone after the ceremony was finished, with the vision of sharing and spreading the golden flame of love and divine purification.

      As adam carried the bundle of offerings to his home, he called me urgently to come outside and we watched an enormous bright light travel across the sky above Zagreb and then it just disappeared, poof! I was impressed to say the least:).

   We returned to the ceremonial room and I noticed a strong heart design over a picture in the hallway, almost the same exact shape of the mandala that we had just created, but you could only see it from where I was sitting, another proof of Gods loving presence.

 The mandala was distributed into four major rivers, a sacred well in the center of Zagreb and in the hearts of all sentient beings everywhere, as it flows through the rivers down to the sea, it will help wash away the war energies and help those souls in the unmarked graves and forgotten places on their journey home. May this ceremony help in a good way. I bow down to Lord Satya Sai Baba and thank him for using this humble servant in the service of humanity.