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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Global Earth Healing


Global earth healing

A few weeks ago I attended my fathers sweat lodge, it was powerful and tender at the same time. In the fourth round, I received a message from the lagoon up the mountain from our property here in Yanahuara peru. It told me to come up and visit it and to take a bath in her. During all my years living here I have never made it up there. I also received the date, December 22nd, a day after the lunar eclipse and summer solstice here in the southern hemisphere.

I'm writing this on the evening of the 22nd of
December because I have been instructed to do so by the Apu (mountain spirit) called Puma Wanka, this Apu feeds the 13,000 foot high lagoon with it's crystalline waters. As I hiked up to the mountain with family and friends, i carried all of my past stress and karma to give to the lagoon, as we walked through the high mountain cloud forest, listening to Andean parakeets twittering happily, I felt that today is an important day in my life and the lives of those walking up the mountain with me. We were ready to give it away, our bad habits, judgments and projective fears.

We climbed higher and higher past isolated houses of indigenous shepherds herding their lamas, heading into the clouds and colder temperatures, we put on hats and gloves, zipped up our jackets and continued to chew on our coca leaves to give us energy.

5 hours later we were welcomed by the sight of cool snow covered landscapes, the immense heart of the mountain was so close to us. We could see the incredible collection of ice accumulated around the top of the mountain and at the base was the sacred lagoon being fed by five or six different streams of crystal clear white water.

We sat by the lagoon and offered up to the Apu, Puma Wanka sacred coca leaves in a small fan of three called a kintu. As we honored the sacred trilogy of the lower, middle and higher worlds, we gave ourselves to the majesty of Pachama, our sacred mother earth.

I could hear her all around me, speaking strong through my soul and she said" give me your flesh, enter this water and leave yourself here, go forth as my child, as me and don't be afraid to share what I tell you to do. Go and write, share your experiences of what you do for me, people will read them, a few at first and then more, it is time to share"

We bathed ourselves in the crisp waters under a  warm sun that came out for a few minutes to warm us while we bathed and when we finished, it went back behind the thick cool clouds.Placing ceremonial offerings onto a small bundle, we wrapped it up and tied it onto a beautiful little reed boat and pushed it out into the lagoon and watched it float across until we saw it no more.

 Here i am, a new man, a son of Pachamama, heeding her call and sharing it with you. I will be writing about the offering to the earth and fire ceremonies that I do around the world with her grace and explain to you what happens when we do them.

From Moscow to Jerusalem , coastal deserts to Concrete jungles, the ceremony travels with her blessings to heal the lands and hearts of her children who are too busy to remember their true mother. Join me as we take time to remember to love our lands and her people.

More to come