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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

Thank You Australian Family

Manu Sai Malasquez

 Respected  Elders, teachers, friends and family

  As we come closer to seeing each other, I can feel the energy growing around the ceremonial sites as well as within all of us. Im writing to say thank you. Thank you for loving Mother Earth, thank you for opening your hearts and homes. I am so grateful to be able to travel the globe and facilitate ceremony for the health and safety of all beings, yet it would not be possible without all the good vibrations that people coming to the ceremony bring. Uniting and creating together, we weave a new fabric upon which our good wishes are presented to the cosmos.  I am grateful to the high council of Dryads and Elementals that are bringing us together to plant their family members into the waiting earth from which fruits of conscious sharing and positivity will grow for all beings. I am but an instrument and bow down to my Australian family in gratitude. The Dreaming of the Trees ceremony is for all our relations. May we rise as one and greet the new day United.

Thank you

   Manu Sai

A gift from the Lord of Time

Manu Sai Malasquez


 A gift from the Lord of Time



   A yogi once told me that “ time waste is life waste”.  I have been dealing with the art of procrastination all my life and can attest to the truth of the above statement. Once, many years while sitting in Darshan in Prashanti Nilayam in Southern India while gazing upon Sathya Sai Baba as he was sitting in his chair, I got a strong call to look at him closer as I heard “ I am also Kal Bhairav” and all of a sudden the Swami that was sitting in the chair was replaced by a deity with dark skin, a strong moustache and wearing a golden crown and covered in gold and then it was Swami again.  I have heard of Kal Bhairav and been to many of his temples in Varanasi and knew that he is a manifestation of Lord Shiva and is also known as the Lord of Time. I did not know it at the time but Kal Bhairav was going to be a strong part of my life journey.


  A couple of years ago, I was on a journey through Europe assisting friends and family and I was staying at a beautiful home where I visit frequently. During the early morning I had a dream where Sathya Sai Baba came and told me to give my watch to my host’s son, and of course it was his birthday. I had grown found of my watch that was solar powered and had accompanied me on many an adventure. Yet, I knew that everything was in divine order and it must be for a reason. I headed downstairs for breakfast, happily gave my young friend who I have seen grow into a fine young man his birthday watch, along with an ear pulling for trying cigarettes and liking them too much.


  I then shared with him and his family the teaching that Sathya Sai Baba has given about Watch.


Watch your words

Watch your actions

Watch your thoughts

Watch your character

Watch your heart


Following this teaching about time helps us to be in integrity and to be of service to all sentient beings.  This mantra helps us to understand ourselves better and to see how each action affects the other and that being able to start observing from the beginning, leads us to a positive Heart. This to me is the best way to be reminded about time and its positive use, replacing procrastination with determination. In my personal experience, determination has always come through my heart, not my mind.





  Happy to have been reminded about the Watch, I continued onwards with my travels to a different town and family. After arriving to warm welcome, my host drove me through the beautiful European countryside on a short sight seeing trip and we ended up in a shoe store of all places. I now know that my dear friend had seen the shape of my shoes that bore the wear and tear of several continents or at least some major hike up a sacred mountain or two recently.  He offered to buy me some shoes, which I seemed strange, since I thought we came to get him some. Alas, they could not find my size since I have inherited my mother’s small feet, which have borne me well but cause great mirth in Europe when I try to buy shoes. I then remembered quite clearly that I had bought some shoes that were waiting for me at home not so long ago and thanked him profusely while letting him know that I had only two feet and did not need so many shoes. However, I had been asked to give my watch away just that morning and was in need of a new one and shared with him, the meaning of Watch.


    We left the shoe store and headed to my friends business, where I proceeded to hold a small blessing and cleansing ceremony. After holding the ceremony, I told him, how I had seen a financial leak in one of his business outlets and how he might be able to plug it.  He said that I was spot on and he would look into it.


   After dinner at his home with his lovely family, we sat in the living room over a cup of tea having friendly conversation. He looked at me and said” Manu. I have three watches and only really use one, let me give you one, it’s a Rolex, if you don’t want it, ill get you a different one”.  I was speechless at his generosity and knew that the one and only Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba had started the whole situation around time only that morning.  I gratefully accepted and wear the blessed watch daily as a reminder of Sai Baba’s and my friend’s generosity.


  What really touched me and why I'm sharing this with you is that spirit works in deeply poignant mysterious ways, miracles happen and we can be gifted by one at any moment. I had been used to seeing holy men and women in India materialize things out of thin air. I have seen sweets fall from thin air, honey flow down sacred portraits, writing appear on blank pages, sacred ash appear out of nowhere covering Sai Baba’s picture and countless other miracles, always in India and near vortexes and people with strong devotion or healing capabilities.  I even have a couple of friends who in private interviews with Sathya Sai Baba have had watches materialized for them by him. Now thousands of miles away from India and a few years after Sai Baba having left his physical body, I have been gifted with a Watch. 


    May this divine present impulse me forward and assist me in giving and keeping time. Our Life span is uncertain, and time wasted is life wasted.  The joy, happiness and responsibility that this gift continuously reminds me of is to Watch myself, to remember that I am loved and to whom much is given to, much will be required from.


    I deeply hope that whoever reads this, understands that I’m not writing this to extoll my devotion or show off, but to share experiences of generosity, selflessness and the ability to let go and receive. These miracles help to deepen my faith and connection with Source. I am on this journey with you and bow down to the Creator in deep reverence and ask for all of us to be granted miracles and joy.


 I love you


Manu Sai Malasquez


















A mountain speaks, how I met Aboriginal Australia

Manu Sai Malasquez

Ever since I was a young child, Australia had a mysterious ring to my ear. To hear the countries name would bring images of something wild and remote. Later on in my late 20's when I was living in the Peruvian Amazon and apprenticing to the elemental spirits of the plant kingdom and Ayahuasquero Shamans, I had a spiritual visitation, where two Australian Aborigines carrying didgeridoos covered in white paint entered my cabin and promptly invited me to North West Queensland and that was the last of that, or so I thought.

Fast forward 20 or so years to Lubliania, capital of Slovenia where I was giving individual healing sessions that had such positive results that a friend called me up within a few months and invited me to Australia to do ceremony for his family and that he would cover the cost of my tickets. The icing on the cake was that I was able to route my flight through Singapore on my way home to attend Thaipusam, that is a festival for Lord Subramanyan, one of Lord Shiva’s son's and a favorite of mine.  Nothing could be better. Little did I know.

  I arrived in Sydney, met up with my hosts who so graciously had flown me to Australia and spent a few days there before going to Brisbane where I met up with an old friend of mine, who took me to his home on a beautiful mountain in the Australian rainforest. He understood from my conversation that I needed some work and offered to call up people that would be interested in sessions or ceremony with me.. Before I could even answer him, I heard within me " don't make any plans, light a fire first". So before I even unpacked my things, I pulled out my fire kit and lit the ceremonial fire. While I gave oblations into the fire and recited the mantras,  the sacredness enveloped us and spread out into the land and then my inner gaze was brightened by the entrance of a magnificently pregnant aboriginal woman, who easily could have been carrying quadruplets. 

   She looked at my in all her shining glory and started showing me a place where she wanted me to do ceremony to heal the song lines that had been disrupted by nuclear testing and the forced education of her people, when they were forced to cover their bodies and wear the white mans clothes. I looked over at my friend and said" this really pregnant aborigine woman just came here and gave me these instructions" He looked at me and replied excitedly, " Manu brother, that’s a mountain and her name is Beerwah, She is one of the Glass House mountains and is on sacred land. Being respectful of native ways, I have been waiting for an invitation to go for 12 years and it seems that here we are being invited"



The next day I went to Brisbane to meet Sri Sai Saileshwara, an Indian spiritual teacher and leader who has a Shirdi Sai Baba temple in his home.



I hadn't seen him in more then ten years since our last meeting in India and it was a true blessing to be in his wise and loving presence once again. His home and temple was full of beautiful and exquisite energy. When I got there, he mentioned that many people would be coming that evening for Satsang or sharing and that I was the guest speaker. So feeling very welcome and at home surrounded by such beautiful people, I shared many stories and experiences about my life and spiritual journey, one of them being the recent visit of Mount Beerwah to my sacred fire ceremony. After finishing, someone in the audience comes up to me and says " you need to meet Auntie Minnie Mace, an aboriginal elder of the Koa people".

Shirdi Baba Temple in Brisbane

Shirdi Baba Temple in Brisbane

   And so the next day, I was taken to meet Aunty Minnie Mace, a beautiful elder full of laughter and wisdom. She peered at me, checking me out as we danced around each other, finding out where we were coming from. The creator told me to sing her a song, and as I did, a torrential rain appeared out of nowhere and stopped as soon as I sang the last word. She laughed and said" I see your connected to the call box" to which I replied, "yes we all work for the same phone company". We hit it off like we had known each other for many generations. 

manu and minnie.jpg

Aunty Minnie has strong roots with Mount Beerwah and was very open and understanding about the vision that I had and took us to Mount Beerwah. We did ceremony next to beautiful place of water at the foot of Grandma Mountain and we sang and brought the noise down, so that the song lines can be heard again. Its not that the line was broken, but that modern life is so loud. Its hard to hear nature and the ancestors over the sound of traffic, alcohol, internet, modern ego, anger and desire based living.

In the Andes of South America, the mountain people have an intrinsic relationship with the snow-capped mountains that give water to nourish Pachamama (Mother Earth). They call the mountain spirits Apus and venerate them deeply as great guardians and benefactors.  I bow down to Apu Mount Beerwah and her family, the Glass House mountains and thank them for watching over their people and for calling ceremony forth.



A global offering for all Refugees


  Being rooted is a trees natural state, its righteous action, its Dharma. It stands strong and beautiful, giving flower, fruit, and refuge under its branches. If left alone and respected, it will always be there.

  Whats does Refugee mean? 

"A person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster"

  It means that they have been uprooted, in a radical way, sometimes from one moment to the next. Surely a traumatic and painful experience on so many levels. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis on this planet during these current times is on a scale never seen before and it is not stopping. We safely watch it from afar on our television screens and feel momentary flashes of empathy that quickly switch into something else, just as fast as we can change a channel. 

  I know that we are capable of great acts of love, care and respect. I would like to present to you a ceremony of awareness, one that will help to raise consciousness for our brothers and sisters who are homeless, living in 

camps, traveling great distances across hostile environments to reach refuge, safety, a warm bed, a hot meal, a place where they won't be attacked, assaulted or hurt.

Join me on August 9th in a global fruit Tree planting ceremony. The reason I am asking people to plant a fruit tree is that the tree is being planted with the intention for the fruit to be shared with anyone. It will be planted thinking about refugees everywhere that need to feel rooted. This will raise our own consciousness and awareness about sharing and help us to connect with those in need everywhere. Let us help our Humanity to be firmly rooted and strong in kindness, gratitude and compassion.

If this touches you, please help me to make this happen globally.

The shamanic methods of healing that I practice


I have spent many years studying the Peruvian Shamanic way of the Amazon. It involves studying with the plants themselves under the tutelage of a medicine man or woman. We are taught how to go into states of trance through the use of sacred medicines, song and meditation. When we are in this state, it is easy to communicate with the world of nature and the cosmos, helping us to diagnose and help our patients and our mother earth.

In the beginning of my training sacred medicines were gifted to dive deep into the unseen and now through years of introspection and meditation, those places can be reached through song and intention. I give thanks to god for this gift and place it at the divines feet so that it may be used wisely and in the right way.

I use sacred song, chants and humming along with soft drumming, rattles, juice harp, and whatever is handy to relax the patient and to journey with them to the places that need to be healed, whether in the past or the present. It can be a mental and emotional trauma due to a stressful childhood or an abusive parent that needs to be released or the body is holding in tension due to a physical accident or injury. There are so many ways that we hold ourselves back from release that we do not even know about and having someone to facilitate a place of safety and loving support can help all of us to be comfortable enough to do so. I believe in creating a safe place for the patient to relax in with Gods assistance and love. This being said, I will not do your work for you. I am here to reflect and mirror what you need to look at, process and move through and out of.

A Crystal Skull full of Life


This Amazing crystal skull has been in a Private collection in Guatemala for years and yet we were able to do ceremony with her a couple of years ago.  The feminine energy and love that she carries is full of purity and 

awareness just like Mother Kali. After our ceremony was over, we took a last picture of the Clear Quartz skull and it came out Pink, with swirling nebula and galaxies inside.. Do you see it? 

download (22).jpeg

 Im in Guatemala again and am feeling her call. If you could sit and pray with us, what would you call into this Earth at this time?

Breathing Shiva


Here in Varanasi, the essence of Lord Shiva permeates everything. The cows resting in the middle of the road cause everything to slow down, the countless temples and places of prayer encourage people to chant 

Om Namah Shivaya as they walk by.


 I am grateful to be placed back in time through this Sacred City that does not age and is always connected to the cosmic energy of the now. A now that reminds me of the love principle of acceptance, as Letting go helps us all to to be in the flow. Thank you Mother Ganga for cleansing and helping to release the energies of all those whom this body has worked with. 


Jai Kashi Vishwanath Gange !!

Coming home to Varanasi


   Just as the sound of Om permeates the universe, the fame of the city of Varanasi spreads across the globe as the home of Lord Shiva. Blessed are they who visit the sacred city of Kashi, blessed are they who bath in the Mother Ganga and even more blessed are those who shed their mortal coil in the city where people travel to die. It is said that if you die in Varanasi, or even if your ashes are spread there, that your souls journey will come to an end.

   Traveling to Varanasi this year was a great treat for me, I had just turned 40 and it was the first time in many years that I was coming by myself and the best part of all was that I was coming as a pilgrim. I was not coming just to visit old family friends in the house where I spent my childhood, while my parents studied music and the art of survival. I came because I had been sent by my supreme teacher, Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba and I was feeling at a crossroads in my own spiritual progress and path. I needed change.

      In Varanasi, in the neighborhood of Ravindrapuri not far from Assi, lies the Kinaram Baba temple. Kinaram Baba was a 16th century Aghori who helped many people and his lineage has ben passed down over the centuries. Instead of thousands of pilgrims pushing each other to get to the front of the line like in other temples, this place is quiet and serene. One can feel the vibrations of the 400 year old fire that has been kept burning and the connection to the cremation grounds nearbye is kept flowing by the distribution of ash that comes from the leftovers of the funeral pyre. Sitting in this sacred place slowed down mind and thought, giving me respite from all of the following I had been doing. 

  Growing up on the banks of the Ganges river, playing with children amongst the sounds of classical indian music floating into the summer nights in the form of rhythmic ragas as we chased floating kites and ran past ash smeared babas blessing's into the laughing arms of our parents. I was raised in the ever expansive presence of Mahadeva, Lord Shiva. He was always with us, in our air, our food, our love, our speech and our devotion. People would start a conversation with Namaste, saluting the god within one and then end with Om Namah Shivaya to say good bye. Music,  dance, theatre, painting, skits, comedy, imitation, these were the things I grew up with. Going to different temples, meeting mystics and pulling their beards was a normal thing for me.. Varanasi has always been warm,welcoming and deeply spiritual for me. Its were I learned to touch the frame of the temple door when I walked in, where I observed my fellow worshippers and followed their lead. We would go through muslim areas, visit sikh friends and wish merry christmas to the christian neighbors. 

   And then there was the side of Varanasi that I saw as a young adult. The constant ganja smoking, the gossiping, the envy,lying and cheating. The cocky walk of rising stars and the falling slide of old ones trying to hold on to past glory. Loud aggressive behavior, make people wrong first, so you ca be right. This was the city of Shiva, everything is prefect, take what you need, opium, hash, whisky? You can even go to the temple of Kal Bhairav and offer it to him first..  Bom Bom Bolenath!


The Renaco and his dragon, an Ayahuasca experience


 Many years ago when I was apprenticing to an Ayahuasquero master in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, I met a Wizard and his dragon.

  It started with a journey to a remote village on the  Yanayacu river, an offshoot of the Amazon river, a days boat ride south of the bustling city of Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian Amazon. I was accompanied by my Maestra and a friend from Brazil who had wanted to experience the Peruvian version of Ayahuasca.  We had heard about the village of Yanayacu through a friend and how due to its isolated location, there was an abundance of wildlife nearby and some lodges with guides to show one around.

   We found a simple lodge next to the river in the late afternoon, the cabin where we stayed was lifted up on stilts, to protect it from the rising waters during the rainy season. The small balcony in front of the cabin had some hammocks on it from where we could lay down, relax and observe the river flow by. Fishermen would glide down the river in their small canoes, as hawks flew over them, eager to see if they could steal a bite from their nets.  Butterflies in vivid bright colors, swirled and twirled from flower to flower, enjoying the sweet nectar of a new day. The darkness of evening was heralded by the orchestra of nature playing a symphony in the key of Frog. It seemed like hundred upon thousands of frogs were croaking to the rain god that night, for as their song rippled across the jungle, a smooth and soft blanket of rain fell upon us, cleansing, nourishing and softly putting us all to sleep.

  The next morning after a simple breakfast of fresh Pineapple and Papayas, we were taken on a tour of the area by the lodge guide Rafael. He led us down to the small dock where we boarded a small canoe with an outboard motor.As we headed down river  I noticed a curving scar that traveled down his forearm, upon noticing my gaze upon it, he cryptically mumbled something along the lines that alcohol and piranhas don't mix.  I mentioned to him that we wanted to see some old trees and without a word he veered left at the the next bend in the river and we entered into a majestic lagoon filled with little water lilies and surrounded by deep dense jungle.

  Elegant white herons stood upon the long branches of trees that seemed to be raising their arms up to the heavens as swarms of little monkeys chattered away, excitedly jumping from branch to tree as they matched our boats pace. As we sped along the left side of the lagoon, we could see a clearing  and in the clearing, a Grandfather of a tree. We all simuntaneously looked at Rafael and asked him to take us there. As the boat touched land and we we jumped onto terra firm, we could see the remains of an old campsite and and the ashes of a fire under the tree.  Rafael said that the tree provided shelter to fishermen who came from the nearby villages.

 Straight in front of us, up a little incline was a beautiful tree, not as tall as others but sturdy, thick and gnarled. It was a Renaco tree, an Amazonian ficus, known elsewhere as a banyan tree.

   As we walked closer to the Renaco, our maestra stopped and  looked at the tree silently for a long time and then reaching into her pouch, pulled out a mapacho, which is a jungle tobacco cigarette used in ceremonies, lit it and then proceeded to blow the smoke over the tree, she mentioned to us to do the same. As we circled the tree, recognizing the ancient being, we could feel an incredible energy start to encircle us as the lagoon went silent and even the wind stopped blowing. I could feel all the trees and elemental beings joining us in the honoring ceremony.  The maestra stepped back and said to us" This is a very old Renaco tree, he is an abuelo, a grandfather to all these young Renaco's around us".  As she motioned to the Abuelos branches, we could see how from some of the branches, a thick offshoot would grow down into the earth and come up a distance away as another tree. All of them beautiful like their grandfather and from them sprouted more trees, going around the lagoon, encircling us like a family holding hands.

Painting by Pablo Amaringo

Painting by Pablo Amaringo

The maestra proceeded to tell us that the Renaco trees were very powerful wizards of the Amazon that protected the forest and kept love alive between people. It seems that true love was very important to them and so, the shamans and medicine folk, would sing the songs of the Renaco to the broken hearted about love and hope, thus bringing in new partnerships or fixing existing ones, helping feelings of trust and gratitude to grow.

  The maestra looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said" I'm sure we will see more tonight in our Ayahuasca ceremony". I knew that she was referring to the elemental spirit of the Renaco. I had taken ayahuasca a few times as a young teenager as a right of passage with my father but had not seen many spirits of any kind. Many years later when I took medicine for the second time with the Maestra, I had seen several beings that I knew where elementals and they told me to stay and learn in the jungle with them and the maestra. I was excited for the ceremony that evening and hoped that we would be able to communicate with the Grandfather Renaco. As I affectionally hugged the tree goodbye, I whispered to him mentally, "please come join us tonight"

   As we journeyed back to our lodge with the warm tropical wind blowing through our hair, I contemplated the thick cotton candy clouds floating above us, they seemed so close, it felt like I  could reach out and grasp them with my hands. I thought to myself, these are the clouds that come from the trees, this is the oxygen that helps the planet breath, oh what a gift to be here and I wept with gratitude.

   Returning to the lodge we purified  our cabin with sacred smoke and flower waters for the evenings ceremony. We all had been touched by our mornings adventure and the excitement for the upcoming ceremony was building within us. As the afternoon faded and evening turned to night and the lodges candles and lamps were blown out and turned down, the Amazonian night engulfed us in its mystery, the  wild music of jungle started its beat and within minutes, the frogs and insects started to weave their intricate mismatch of perfect union in harmony. The night was here and it was time to begin.

  After drinking Ayahuasca, one usually needs to wait between half an hour or forty five minutes for visions to appear, yet this was night was different for tonight was to be guided by the Grandfather. As I relaxed into the medicine, I saw a canoe coming from the lagoon, it was crafted from the wood of the Renaco tree within it stood a tall and imposing looking man with long silvery hair, he radiated strength and sincerity in his white robe as he carried a Renaco wood staff. He alighted from the canoe and came towards me with giant strides. He looked deep into me and as he did, I felt him showing me memories of past ceremonies done at the base of his tree hundred years ago and how he was extremely happy that we had come and done the same, for he had missed being honored and loved. He materialized a glass bottle with a yellow retama flower in it and told me to find the flower and bath myself with it, for it would cleanse and bring me luck. Gesturing with his hand, he took me to where he grew and started to expound on the workings of the lagoon and how he was the grandfather of all. In a flash he took me through the lifetimes of trees and animals in the lagoon, from a fallen seed growing, to a tree falling over in a storm. Through visions he illustrated how spaceships would come now and then, placing animals such as crocodiles into the water and different plants into the jungle. It was an educational knowing from within and the Wizard was the teacher and I an eager and amazed young student.

Painting by Pablo Amaringo

Painting by Pablo Amaringo

    As the master shamans songs grew louder, the Abuelos presence was incredible, here was a real wizard, full of love and amusement and all of a sudden, sweet laughter filled the room and eight or nine young birch trees appeared, they were all white with black stripes on their body and seemed like african tribal people. They looked at me and the Abuelo and called us over to what seemed like a high embankment, when we went over, to our surprise an incredible white fluffy dragon like Falcor from the never ending story appeared. As the abuelo Renaco sat behind his head, he hoisted me behind him and on jumped the company of birch trees and off we went, a bunch of kids traveling through the universe being led by our grandfather wizard.

   We flew through the milky way past planets, flashing lights and passing comets. We then looked at earth from above and headed straight down towards the earth oceans, skimming the surface amongst the great whales, dolphins and orcas. Speeding onwards we visited the mighty Sequoia trees and could see their spirits as giant wooly mammoths grazing between them . Blue marble black stars imploded within us as we flew through light years of fun and wisdom. As we floated down into the Amazon after what seemed like hours and hours, I was placed back in the ceremony and have never been the same since. I had met the majestic and compassionate emperor of the rain forest. His court is vast and expansive, his kingdom full of medicine and gifts for all sentient beings. He handed me the key to wonder and acceptance of the elemental worlds. The Renacos and their friends, the elementals have been my constant companions ever since. This is but one of the stories of the Amazon's trees and they wish to share them with you, just as the mermaids, elves, fairies and dwarves of the Nature kingdoms surrounding you are calling out to be heeded, so that we may work together to help our Earth become a better place.

An offering to the Earth for Pachamama's Daughters


Greetings and Blessings Dear Global Family    

    I have just arrived back home after traveling through India for a couple of months. From the monsoon rains in Puttaparthi, at Satya Sai Baba's ashram in Andra Pradesh, to the balmy winds blowing into Amritapuri, Amachis Ashram in Kerala. The experiences and messages received have been deep, meaningful and life changing, again:)

      From the south, I traveled to the Bengali city of Calcutta where I visited the renowned Dakshineswar Kali temple and Paramahansa Ramakrishnas ashram. After paying my respects, I continued onward to Northern India and the ancient city of Varanasi where I grew up. It was a very different visit then ever before, as I was coming as a pilgrim for the first time and not a resident of the ancient city.

      Wherever I went, I could hear Lord Shiva as clear as the body needs the beat of its heart to survive. I was reminded of my ancient connection to Him in no uncertain terms. As I entered his sacred temples and payed homage and obeisance to him,I was consistently feeling the energies of Pachamama and Peru and how I have been blessed to be a part of both worlds, the Shamanic and the Vedic, and how it was all Lord Shivas will. Always guiding and directing me, every step of the way, always back to him. 

       As my cells vibrated  with the blessings of "Om Namah Shivaya", my attention was directed towards a Shiva Lingam inside the temple and I was shown how the women of some parts of the world are subjected to cruel and unjust treatment of their being, through the mutilation of their female organ.  How in some countries they are sewn shut or a part cut off due to some old tribal belief or superstition stemming from fear of the Divine Feminine.  While in India the union of the masculine and feminine aspects of God are worshiped as Shiva/Shakti in the form of the Shiva Lingam as the Creative energy of the Universe.

I was then shown how the next global offering to the Earth ceremony should be dedicated towards the healing and mending of Pachamama's daughters who suffer from these archaic traditions that just increase the global vibration of pain and injustice. By consciously acknowledging our relatives pain and praying for them, we acknowledge the need for change and healing on a core level. These are our mothers and sisters, this is our planet, we are one.

The date for the ceremony will be on Saturday, August 9th, 2014. It will be held at 12 noon wherever you are. As we tune into the the energy of the Sun and its relationship to us and the Earth, we will plant our offerings deep into the core of our Mother with gratitude and awareness. I will be organizing a gathering of Shamans, Healers, Light workers, pilgrims and musicians at Pachamama Wasi in Yanahuara, in  the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Cusco, Peru for a a day of ceremony and healing dedicated to Pachamama's daughters. I invite you to join us.

If you would like be a part of this Global ceremony and gathering, please write me at  


 will be posting more information and insights on how we can contribute towards World Peace and harmony in our own homes as I continue my travels.  

 Thank you 

      Om Namah Shivaya

                 Manu Sai Malasquez

My Tree Gurus


Giving thanks to the most high for the opportunity to write one again. I am in Southern India now and have just finished a short Ayurvedic detox. The whole process reminded me so much of my Elemental friends in the Peruvian Amazon. In the Amazon we learn how to commune with trees and their spirits come and educate us on how to approach them at the right time, how to harvest and prepare them. Some can be used medically, some folkloricaly but the bottom line is that they are all medicine. I am feeling strongly called to go back to the Peruvian Amazon to Sit with the Amazing Tree Gurus and learn and share their message of love, health, prosperity and constant giving. Its time to share the Message of the Tree Gurus..

Who wants to come with me?

Tools of the Trade


These are the tools that I use gratefully to help and empower others. I bow down to the most High and give thanks for these gifts and those who have taught me to use them. May they be used in a right way. Thank you Creator

A Call for A Global Offering


      On the last day of the pilgrimage of Qoyyllo Ritti as I faced the majestic mountain of Ausangate on my knees gibing thanks and asking for blessings along with thousands of pilgrims and sacred dancers, I received a message from the Spirit of the mountain himself. It was a gentle command for a global offering to the Earth Ceremony where we we will all plant seeds and offerings on the 7th of August this year, giving thanks and gratitude to our Mother Earth for everything while praying for a nuclear disaster free planet.

  Can you imagine what we can do together as we work in harmony and pray collectively?  I write this while on a Plane waiting to fly to Lima from Cusco. I have been doing ceremonies for the past two weeks getting ready just to be able to share this information with you. I will write more later on this week. We are one, we are eternal, we are the children of the Sun!

Sacred Journey to Israel in December 2013


I am honored to lead a small group of light warriors to Israel for Christmas this year. The trip is from the 18 to the 26 of December. We will visit the sacred sites where Jesus, Mary and many beloved prophets and teachers from Christianity,Judaism and Islam lived and prayed.

 This journey is called for by the most high. I received the message from Jesus while in Medjugore with my wife, in the shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Bosnia. We are to go celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem and apply all our energies towards praying for peace and an abundance of love in the Middle East and in the World, using the practices and methods that we have learned in our life's journey. As a shaman and earth healer, I know the importance of this journey and ask for the courageous pilgrims to come forward and join me in helping to heal the dry lands of the Middle East with an abundance of love for the land. She is dry and needs our support and soft and deep nurturing prayers.

   Israel is an intense and extremely beautiful and sacred land. I have been going every year for 5 years and each trip isa completely new  and powerful experience. From going without knowing anyone to now having a large group of spiritual family,friends and students, I can truly say that it is a magical and safe place. 

  If you wish to join me and help to make an important difference in the spiritual make up of this planet, please email me at saimanutreya@

  Thank you very much

   Manu Sai Malasquez

The call of the Snow Star


Sitting here at my parents  home in Cusco , Peru, I keep feeling the spiritual Energy emanating from the Ausangate mountain hundreds of miles away. On a clear day one can see the powerful snow capped giant beaming on the Andean Sun. In a week, thousands of pilgrims will hike up into the sacred mountains to pray with intense gratitude for bounty of Mother Earth to flow for her children and their children. I can feel the pulsing heart of the mountain surrounding me on its embrace. This is a big thing for me and my life as a human being, healer, teacher, husband, brother and son. I surrender to the love of the mountain as I get prepared by god for the next step. It feels so gigantic. I am humbled and touched. Om Sri Sai Ram

How Hanuman healed my old story that I just found and wanted to share


Dear Friends

I just sent out an e mail that had several pictures in it, they were of Shirdi and Satya Sai Baba, Mother Mary and Jesus the Christ, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lord Ganesha and his Brother Subramanyan, Archangel Michael and Lord Venkateshwara.

I felt pretty happy with the e mail and glad that the presence of the exalted ones was shown through the pictures. I then spent the rest of the evening working on a write up for JAMM ( jungle alliance of medicine and music) a non profit that I founded last year in Peru with gods grace. Suddenly I felt the urge to type in the words I love God and then go on to describe why I love god. This went on for a while and I did not know why I was doing this until I typed in I love Lord Ram and then I felt an immensely strong presence coursing through my arms into my hands onto the keyboard and I knew who it was. It was Lord Hanuman, my childhood idol, my constant goal, my hero. My mother used to sing a song to me when I was a young child that I would repeat over and over again," Ram loves Sita and Sita love Ram and they both love Hanuman. Oh, Hanuman, oh Hanuman, don´t you want to be like Hanuman? Oh, Hanuman, oh Hanuman, don´t you want to be like Hanuman?"

I grew up and got into drugs and alcohol, I dived deep into the cesspool and enjoyed it. I was addicted to cocaine and my heart slowly closed its doors. Ten years went by and finally I (with help from my father) left my addictions behind and went back to India. I had grown up in Varanasi and knew it quite well, I went to the Shiva temples and never forgot to give flowers to the statues of Lord Ganesha but my favorite was Sankat Mochan, the sacred and very ancient temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

I would go there in the early mornings, preferably on Tuesdays or Saturdays which are Lord Hanumans days. I would buy sweet ladoos, tulsi flowers and Sindoor paste and give them to the priest who would then place them on Hanumans statue and give me a little back. Oh those ladoos tasted sweeter to me as I knew that Hanumanji had them first. I would then walk out the temple and sit with a blind singer chanting melodious offerings to Shri Anjaneya, Lord Hanuman, Pavana Kumara, son of the wind. All the pilgrims to the temple would then press small coins and offerings into his hand and give thanks for his devotion. Blissed out, I would head home happy and content.

One day I woke up feeling guilty and ashamed. I was feeling the symptoms of withdrawal to the drug which had held me upright for the past ten years. When ever I felt or had to deal with something I would do another line and there, that was taken care of and hidden away in the collection of mismatched boxes and drawers of unanswered emotions and hidden prayers in my heart.

The feelings were so strong, I felt incapacitated and lonely, I had no one to talk to that could understand me or been through my experience. My sadness grew like a veil and pretty soon all I could do was think about how God had deserted me, I blamed him for all of my troubles and ills. God seemed like a bad word and I reveled in the luxurious feeling of blaming someone else for my problems. After a while I started walking without having a clear destination, my feet walked as of their own accord and pretty soon I was at Sankat Mochan, Lord Hanumans temple. I had cursed my whole existence on the way over and played scenario after scenario in my mind where God had deserted me and now here I was at his temple and not happy about it.

I entered the temple without buying any offerings for Hanuman, I stalked into the main courtyard and looked straight at his bright orange paste covered statue and proceeded to roundly insult him, mentally throwing the choicest words of my street vocabulary at him, sparing no names or descriptions I unburdened my anger at Hanumanji, saying, "you were never there for me, if you had been there I would never have hurt so many people, done so many bad things or have gone through so much pain!" I walked over to a dais on the other side of the temple with a view of the statue and closed my eyes and started to meditate or in this case think out loud with my eyes closed!

   A few minutes later I hear a bunch of commotion around me, the noise had ceased in the temple and everything became quiet, something touched my thigh and I opened my eyes and looked straight into the dark and wizened face of an old and majestic Lemur Monkey. I had been bitten by an aggressive monkey many years ago and knew from experience that it is not polite to look a monkey straight in the eyes. I glanced at his hand on my thigh, it was almost human like with long fingers and a black Palm, the heat coming from his hand was so comforting, I could see the lines going across its palm and I could feel the lemurs gaze as he looked long and deep into me , his golden mane framing his face. As I surreptitiously looked at him through my downcast eyes I saw something that took my breath away. Tears were slowly falling down his cheeks and my heart raced as the boxes and mismatched drawers started to feel the warmth of love, I thought to myself " oh I did it now, I really upset Lord Hanuman, I am going to get it know" The Lemur ambled away from me across the dais to a place where an old man was reciting the Hanuman Chalisa ( a sacred scripture dedicated to Lord Hanuman) with his eyes closed, the sacred monkey who could be no one else but Lord Hanuman placed both his hands on his devotees feet and sat there. The man upon opening his eyes burst into tears, you could have heard a pin drop, the temple was silent and everyone stood with their palms in the prayer position looking on at the beautiful display of love going on. The lemur gracefully walked across the temple with his tail curled high to finally sit in front of the statue of Hanuman and proceeded to look at the statue and then at me a few times and then he ran up a tree next to the Deity and promptly vanished.

I sat there in awe, my heart pounding and as the blood raced through my body, I felt awake and alive as I had not felt in years. Hanuman had healed my heart. As Iwalked out of the temple I came upon the blind man singing his songs to the lord, I remarked upon my experience and he spoke of the same monkey coming to help him cross the busy intersection that is in front of the temple, stopping traffic as it held on to his arm and briskly ambled through the rickshaws,taxis and people to leave the singer in front of the temple gates.

Many years later when I first went to see Satya Sai Baba, he took a packet of letters from me, the top one being a postcard where a mother Lemur monkey was nursing a baby one. I had dedicated it to Lord Hanuman, thanking him for his love. Sai Baba held the letters in his hand and gazed at it or through it and promptly gave them back to me piercing me with his dark eyes. I did not know what to think, were my letters received or did I do something wrong? Six years later I can happily say that yes they were read and all that was written has been spiritually edited, that which I had asked for and not needed has been removed and that which I receive and experience is beautiful and sometimes hard and surprising but never with out the deep and loving touch of Sai Baba. So when I falter and feel confused I look at Hanuman and see his courage and how he opens his heart to show his devotion to Lord Ram. Let us be like Hanuman being courageous enough to open our hearts to love and devotion.

Thank you

    Manu Sai

How Shirdi summoned me


    I had been coming to see Satya Sai Baba for a few years and had heard that he was an incarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, a Muslim mystic who taught about unity amongst all faiths. I was intrigued by Shirdi Sai Baba’s appearance with his beard and bandanna wrapped around his head since I myself was very comfortable using the two. It was not till a late night in 2003 while I was sleeping at a friend’s home in Puttaparthi, Southern India that the connection between us was ignited.

   I was awoken by the visitation of an old man standing at the foot of my bed, dressed in a long white robe with a beard and his head covered by a cloth. He pointed a long finger at me and said “come to Shirdi tomorrow” and then vanished. I was astonished and since I was half asleep, did not think much about it and went back to sleep. Within a few hours, I had a dream where the same old man was standing on top of a building, which looked like an Indian temple, and holding onto the flag that adorned the golden roof and looking at me, he said, “come to Shirdi Tomorrow”. By the time I awoke next morning, this old man who could be none other then Shirdi Sai Baba had visited me three times with the instructions to come to Shirdi, tomorrow:) He lived in the Town of Shirdi  in the late 1800’s and was named after the town as no one knew his name. He became  one of the most famous saints to ever have appeared in India, renowned for his healing's, blessings and teachings.


  As I started the day with Shirdi in my thoughts, I headed to the main temple in Prashanti Nilayam, Satya Sai Baba’s ashram. Upon sitting down amongst the crowd while we waited for Satya Sai’s appearance,  a man next to me reached into his shirts front pocket and handed me a small picture card with Shirdi Sai Baba on it with a smile and said : Om Sai Ram" the greeting Sai devotees share amongst each other.. I gratefully accepted it and marveled once again at the powers of these incredible saints. After seeing Satya Sai come out and bless everyone, I headed over to the North Indian Canteen for some good food, as I walked up to the cashier to pay for my meal, I could not but marvel at the book about Shirdi Sai Baba’s life right next to him, with his picture looking straight at me.



  Heeding these obvious hints, I finished my meal quickly with the idea to go tell my friend Narendra who was also a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee about my experience.  As soon as I told him about my experiences of the previous night and the morning, he looked at me with a beautiful smile upon his face and said “oh brother, you are so lucky, Shirdi Sai Baba is calling you to him personally, so many people do not have this chance, don’t think about anything but go, Ill help you get your ticket”. Within minutes I had a train ticket booked for that evening to Kopergaon, a town in the state of Maharastra within 40 miles or so of Shirdi. I would have to catch my train in Dahrmavaram, a small city an hour away from Puttaparthi and so I thanking my friend, I ran to where I was staying to pack my things.

  Whilst getting ready for the evenings journey, I kept feeling that I should go the local temple where there was a small statue of Shirdi Sai Baba to ask for his blessings for a safe and uneventful trip. I quickly finished packing and headed to the other side of town to the small temple. Leaving my shoes to the side I walked through the temple gates and came upon a group of men dressed in orange robes with beards and scarves on their heads serving food to all in front of the small temple housing Shirdi Sai’s statue. As they served people, they chanted Shirdi Sai Baba’s name out loud. I bowed in front of Shirdi Sai’s statue and asked for blessings and then sat amongst the devoted and ate a hearty meal of rice and vegetables, with my hand before heading to catch my train on time with a full belly.

  The next afternoon, after traveling from southern India the train arrived in Kopergaon. I alighted with my bag and didgeridoo slung over shoulder. As I walked out of the train station, I saw a line of scooter rickshaws and headed over, getting ready for the interminable haggling that I had to go through everywhere in India to makes sure that I was not getting cheated more then necessary. As I approached the first rickshaw in line, an indian gentleman stuck his head out of the passenger side and said” are you going to Shirdi, would you like a ride?” Happily I said yes and off we went to through the majestic Indian countryside passing bullock drawn carts piled high with grain and feed, pilgrims walking in long lines of color next to the road, all the while chanting Shirdi Sai Baba’s name. As my heart swelled in the Indian heat of devotion, my companion started telling me that his guru was devoted to Shirdi and they met here once a year to pray to Shirdi and serve the poor and if I wanted he could help me to get a hotel after visiting his guru.

    Upon arriving in Shirdi amongst the hustle and bustle of thousands of pilgrims from throughout India, we were driven to a small house were I was immediately introduced to this mans teacher who blessed me and called me Sai Manu. I accepted his blessings and gently told him that my name was Manu to which he said “yes, yes, Sai Manu”  I did not know where he was coming from and did not want my name changed by a stranger but I accepted his love and devotion for Shirdi. I was then led to a simple and small hotel where I left my things and immediately headed to the temple complex where Shirdi Baba used to live.

 As I walked through the dusty streets, dodging dogs, cows, muddy potholes and jeeps packed with pilgrims driven by mustachioed madmen, I could not help but notice the quantity of beggars in this town. I had read that Shirdi Baba would walk through town begging for alms which he would then cook or distribute to the needy who visited him and it seemed that these people were emulating him even now, As some walked around with beards and covered heads like fakirs, muttering mysterious words of blessing and surrounded by wreaths of pungent smoke coming from pots full of incense and a hand carrying a fan peacock feathers, willing to dust away ones karma for a pocketful of change. These were his children, his people, the dusty and the poor, the rich and the famous.  Be they Muslim, Hindu, Jain or Christian, This was Shirdi and all were welcome.

As I passed the arches that led into his temple complex, I could see in the near distance a beautiful temple adorned with a golden dome with a flag next to it and as I drew closer I realized that it was the rooftop he had called me from. Even more of a delight when I found out that it was where he was buried. He had called me from his tomb, his holy Samadhi. A destination of millions who believe that he watches them from beyond the grave, taking care of all of their problems however small or big they may be. I walked into the temple and stood in line amongst thousands chanting “Sainath Maharaj ki:, while thousands called back "Jai!!” The energy was electrifying and as we made our way through the long lines, I could see on the wall pictures and paintings of his old devotees and wondered if I had been there with him, if I knew him? When I made it in front of his tomb and saw his statue on top of it, I bowed deeply and felt that yes, I knew him, I had sat with and served him lovingly.


  Once I flowed out of the Samadhi temple along with the constant stream of devotees, I headed back to my hotel, stopping on the way to take one of the mysterious beggars into a restaurant with me to have lunch.  The next day after Samadhi Darshan, I saw these old men playing trumpets and horns in the courtyard adjacent. I quickly ran to my hotel and fetched my digeridoo.  I played it for these delightful old men who laughed so hard while talking to me in their dialect which I understood as much as they my English. It was great to feel their kindness and joy for music as they showed their precious trumpets to me which seemed much older then them. As we played together, children came and danced around. It was a precious moment.

   When I walked back to my hotel with this obvious instrument strapped over my back, the hotel receptionist told me about a school for deaf and mute children where he taught yoga and whether I wanted to go with him. Happily I agreed and within minutes was in a big two-story house surrounded by quiet children with beautiful big dark eyes and shy smiles. The kind Christian warden from the order of Montfort showed me around and explained how they taught the children sign language and to read, write, draw and lip-read and how it helped them so much in their lives when they left the school. I offered to play the didge for the kids and the warden smiled at me a little sadly and asked me how could they ever hear since they were deaf?  I asked him to put the kids in a circle and after praying to Shirdi Sai Baba, I walked around and blew the didge straight onto their sweet little chests. Gasps of air, smiles and very fast hand movements followed by explanations that they could all feel the rhythmic vibration  and force of the music and  some of them could hear it. We played with joy and I finished my afternoon happily with tea and biscuits with the deaf children of Shirdi. On my next visit, I brought them money for a cow so they could have milk, but that’s another tale.

  The morning after, as I headed out of my hotel, I saw Shirdi Sai Baba standing in front of the door in his astral form. He motioned me to follow him and started taking me through narrow and back streets whereupon he led me to a big building where many people where standing in line and then he vanished. I walked up to the line and asked what they were waiting for and found out that it was for breakfast. I bought a five rupee ticket and walked with the crowd into a Hugh hall, where there was row upon row of steel tables with stools bolted next to them and as the thousands sat down, a highly efficient crew would come walking down the rows handing out plates followed by men pushing carts with gigantic pots of rice, beans and chapattis. One could eat to their hearts content. I happily ate this Prasad or blessed food as I knew Shirdi sponsored it and I was reminded of how he fed me before I left Puttaparthi.  I came to Shirdis canteen for the next two days and one the third day was up to my ears in rice and beans and wanted some variety and as I walked around town I noticed a sign board advertising my favorite indian dish for 35 rupees. I resolved to go eat dinner there after my afternoon nap. After my nap as I headed out of my hotel,  Shirdi Sai Baba was waiting for me and beckoning me to follow him, he led me down some unfamiliar side streets to the back of a big building, as I wondered what was there, a group of seven street urchins ran up to me asking for food, they grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to a ticket stall where I realized that I had been led to the back of  Shirdi's canteen and so for the price of my favorite dish, I bought meals for seven children to eat to their hearts content while learning that so much can be done for others when we are willing to give up a desire.

  The next day was a Thursday and in India it is the day that is used to worship the guru and Shirdi Sai Baba specifically. Behind his main Samadhi temple is an old lane where he would walk through. This lane would lead from his home and temple, the Dwarakamayi to another one called the Chavadi. He would often leave the Dwarakamayi for the Chavadi where it would be more quiet for him. Over time this became an elaborate affair that became a parade. Shirdi Baba would walk down the lane surrounded by devotes playing music, while flower petals were thrown on the ground in front of his feet. He would arrive in the Chavadi and people would worship him by placing garlands around his neck and adorn him with jewels and crowns. He would give these things away later as he did with all money and gifts received. He would go to sleep with an empty begging bowl just as he started the day. Simplicity was his motto and yet he allowed the devotees to worship and adorn him with an understanding that it was from pure love.

   These days, they take a large painting of Shirdi Sai Baba from the Dwarakamayi or Samadhi Mandir in a palanquin carried by chanting priests, led by a band and a dancing troupe of young boys and girls, followed by a cannon booming out large amounts of confetti. What a beautiful and colorful celebration. As I stood by the road with my didgeridoo, I saw the procession returning to the Samadhi Mandir from the Chavadi and as the dancing children came near, they saw me and called me to  the parade. I immediately recognized them as the children who had danced around the old musicians and I when we had played music together. They kept beckoning me to the front of the procession; I was quite shy and got pushed there by people behind me. And so I found myself, the only white guy for miles, in front of this procession, I could only but be in the the moment and start to play as loud and best as I could, as I started, someone yelled “shoes” I was puzzled, “what?” shoes, take off your shoes!!” Ahhh, I immediately shook one foot and a shoe sailed to the left and then was followed by the other one heading into the crowd on the right. Blowing the Australian didgeridoo, I led Shirdi Babas procession back into his temple, touched, humbled, ecstatic and over the top. Once they put him back in his place, I left the temple and all of a sudden realized that I had no shoes, last I remembered, one had flown to the left and other sailed into the crowd of hundreds to my right.  I gave up any hope of finding them  as I perused the area thinking that were cheap and the trade off had been worth it. As I walked forward fifteen feet, I saw something that blew me away. To my left, were both of my shoes sitting together covered in a gigantic pile of flowers .With tears pouring down my face, I put on my shoes realizing that my path had been blessed for life by Shirdi Sai Baba.


   Feeling my trip was done, I arranged my ticket home and before I headed back to the train station In Kopergaon, I went to  Shirdi's Canteen for one last meal. As I walked in and sat down, I looked to my left and there were the men in orange from Puttaparthi who had fed me not long ago. Recognizing each other and the miracle of our meeting while feeling Shirdi Sai Baba’s love, we embraced one another and  said “Om Sai Ram” to each other with a smile. I left Shirdi with a bigger heart and humbler outlook on life then ever before. Thank you Shirdi Sai Baba for calling me home.

A Crystal Skull assists us in a ceremony to heal Guatemala


A ceremony from May Last year that I would like to share with you now

An amazing ceremony was held in Guatemala city a few days ago where we prayed for change, for peace and for stability and freedom from fear for all Guatemalans, Central Americans and sentient beings. An original Crystal Skull was lent to us for the ceremony that has been in a private collection for more then half a century. As soon as I saw the Crystal Skull, I burst into Tibetan Mantras invoking Guru Padmasan Baba.  The vibration of the skull was extremely powerful and very friendly.

  We created a mandala based on the ones done here in Guatemala by the Mayans in their ceremonial offerings and placed the Crystal Skull in the middle, surrounding it with four materialized lingams from Satya Sai Baba. We prayed and sang through the magical evening with love in our hearts for Guatemala and all of her people.

     The Crystal Skull was of a feminine nature, it spoke of healing and showed Akashic memories that helped to open a window through which we were able to help Guatemala as a country to release old Karmic wounds from so many centuries of bloodshed. The skull also brought in an incredible energetic connection with Tibet that reminded me of the stories of how the Kundalini energy is shifting from the Himalayas to the Andes through the Americas. I share these pictures with you, so you can feel and receive the blessings of the healing ceremony and the  Crystalline grid of love and compassion, helping us to ascend beyond fear into the higher dimensions of purity and Love. If you look carefully at the picture of the Crystal skull with the candles, you can see Sai Baba in the skull next to where its third eye would be.

  Thank you Sai Baba for guiding this ceremony and providing us with these beautiful tools that connect us to the universe in such a beautiful way and for once again making these sacred journeys so memorable and full of deep spiritual blessings and surprises.

    Thank you

          Manu Sai


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Honoring the blessings of the Winged Ones


The other day I found a bunch of Hawk feathers near my teachers home in Bangalore, the energy in the feathers contained such a high level of Purity and Innocence. It touched my heart so deeply to have been led to such a gift. This morning d

uring a fire ceremony performed at my family home in India, I was told to put my condor and eagle feather fan into the river nearby. The reason being that the feathers were not given willingly by the birds. They were killed for their feathers. I did not know this and did not care enough to ask where they came from. I deeply apologize to all the winged ones and promise to pray for their well being and share the message that grace is given and cannot be forcibly taken. Thank you winged ones. Jai Sai Ram


The evolution of Shamanism


Just as the future of humanity is intrinsically linked to love and kindness, so is the evolution of Shamanism. Being an ancient 

Practice based on traditions and knowledge passed down through the ages, it's link to the past is as important as its evolution in the here and now, thus affecting our future. Shamanism and its influence on the world is growing as access to once secret knowledge is freely shared through books, internet, workshops and the ease of travel. 

Once upon a time, one needed to be guided by signs, omens, faith and fate toward a shamanic practice. What

What once was not taken for granted is now easily shared and sold. The integrity within the ranks and files of Shamans has been sliding down as the rates for sessions and workshops have been readjusted to the growing demand for quick fix spirituality. 

I have been lucky to have been born into a medicine family and a shamanic culture.  I consider myself  blessed that I was called to India by Satya Sai Baba and how his teachings  influenced my life and shamanic practice, reminding me about Truth, Love, Peace, Rectitude, Non Violence and Love. 

As I travel around the world, leading ceremonies and doing healing sessions, I am touched and amazed by the beauty of the messages that come through and the people who carry the medicine that summon the messages. As we sit in sacred circle, creating medicine wheels and mandalas for world peace and personal transformation, I hear the message and share it with my fellow children of God. 

The message that I have heard, experienced and understood lately is that "

Dharmic Shamanism is an awareness that everything is done with an intention towards integrating, truth, word, action and deed towards the highest good of all sentient beings. We do ceremony for everyone and remember to give thanks to the Creator and God within for all blessings. Its not just about collecting power or achieving greatness but arriving at Godliness and being humble and thankful for the gifts given and using them for the benefit of all"

Hearing and feeling the importance of this message inspires me to expand my practice and share the news that God is an important part of Shamanism. All shamans can share the Creators love, compassion, kindness and generosity with their patients, clients and students. It is important to cultivate the awareness of service to man, and that the powers, techniques and tools learned and transmitted are to be shared with love and humilityWe need to step up and say no to the crass commercialism and continuing capitalization of the Great Spirit. Its ok to work, its ok to make money, but it is not ok to create addiction and create shamans that do not remember about God and his generosity. 

No matter how many workshops or initiations we have, if we dont have kindness and right actions in our daily life, then we are not worthy to call ourselves Shamans. 

If all the light workers, shamans and medicine folk remember to give thanks to the up above and all around before anything, this gratitude will grow and envelope our planet and where there is gratitude, lack will not exist and our global home will be healthy as will her children once again. Step up and into to the light, question your medicine men and shamans before you attend workshops, find out if they believe in positive things, see if they live in integrity.  Dont let feathers,drums and chants convince you of their power. Allow the filter of a kind heart to speak to and through you, allowing constant communication with like minded beings, thus creating an evolution of the soul and uplifting and reminding all Shamans about their sacred duty to the Creator and the children of God.

    Thank you 

        Om Sai Ram

              Manu Sai