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Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

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Spirit Songs annual Amazonian plant immersion

Manu Sai Malasquez


People of the world needing solace, the Amazon Rainforest has medicine for you. Pachamama knows of her children’s struggles and need for peace and healing. As she Heals us through her ancient wisdom, she helps us to remember the importance of living in gratitude. As our gratitude grows, so does our mindfulness and awareness about what we want to spend our precious time on.

       A young healer in the forest many eons ago had a dream where a small old man came to him holding a large leaf, this leaf belonged to a plant that was only a few feet away from the young healers camp. The old man gave the young man instruction on how to rub the leaves together in his hands in a pot full of water. He then should bath with the water and drink a cup of the green leaf liquid and lay down to sleep. The young healer found the leaf and journeyed deep into a dream state where the grandfather helped heal his mind and taught him many things. He was taught how to use the rootand leaves of this jungle garlic to heal mental, emotional, spiritual and and physical ailments. The healer named this jungle garlic plant of emerald green color, Ajo Sacha. Ajo Sacha is a deep dream healer and is perfect for a first time plant immersion due to its gentleness.


      The way that the young healer received this information is through direct communication with the plant. Plant to human transmission has been going on for a long time and continues to be passed down through medicine people in the Amazon Rainforest.

   We are starting to open up the doors of Spirit Songs for people interested in learning this way. We will be having our annual Ajo Sacha Dieta from September 16 2018 to September 23rd.  This will be a time to unplug from electricity and to dream. We will start the dieta with an Ayahausca ceremony and continue into Ajo Sacha the next day. During this dieta we will drink Ayahuasca three times.  I wholeheartedly recommend this trip for those who need to slow down and give their overactive minds a rest.

   For more information and to insure a spot on this small retreat of 7 people, please write me directly at