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Dharma Curandero blog

Manu Sai's shares his personal journey as a pilgrim on this Planet

A Mantra for Earth Safety

Manu Sai Malasquez

 Mother Earth shakes and quakes, Grandfather Volcanoes rumble, wild winds scatter across the land and the Oceans rise as the ice melts. Where do we stand as children of the earth during these shifting times? What can we do in the present moment to appease the elements, the up above, the down below and the all around?

   Within this year, as I traveled between, Australia, Singapore, Russia, the US and Peru. I saw wounded and healthy lands, heard grave stories of injustice and saw beautiful people.  Praying in ceremony with friends, family and strangers, we shifted the focus from pain and injustice to right action, forgiveness and love. I met people with strong fears of cataclysmic disasters, ready to move because it was foretold somewhere or a psychic told them that the end is coming and its going to be heavy!

  So we did ceremony about it and the answer came, and it came loud. Pachamama ( Mother Earth) loves her children and thats it. She is not interested in wiping us off the planet so that a token 100,000 can live peacefully. We have to do our part though by living in the present, taking care of ourselves and loving one another and all beings. Offer your prayer of gratitude every day to the all around, to the mountains, rivers, oceans, parks, indoor, outdoor plants, love and thanks. Remember that we are surrounded by consciousness that reacts to positivity.  Here is a Mantra dedicated to Lord Varaha, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu that came into existence to protect Bhoomi Devi, Mother Earth. This mantra can be played all the time and is wonderfully put together by Silas Mera Thomas incorporating the sound of whales, didgeridoo and vedic chanting by Manu Sai

Pachamama loves us all. Let us move towards her as children move towards their mother, with love, sweetness and the complete confidence that mom has our back. Talk to her, she hears you and if you can turn down your inner noise factor enough, she will answer your. Every single time.